Media Impact

Today’s world is Global Village courtesy media.Media is termed as the fourth estate of a democratic setup. Today impact of media has become debatable issue. We often hear that the media has an appalling influence on society.   This is true in some cases, but we have to also add this to the statement; society also influences the media by what it chooses to promote or watch.   Media is a very important part of society today.   Even with its adverse effects, we could not survive without it.

To start with, it is only fair to ask why society thrives off the media.   Society, at least the past few generations have always had an influence from media in some form or another.   Media in most circumstances is a way for the members of society to keep themselves informed on what is happening around them, which is even more vital with our world becoming globally connected.   Media is also a major source of entertainment.   Some forms of media are made for the sole purpose of entertaining the masses.   However, the media is forced to produce entertainment that the society requests.

On the otherhand, Media has a very significant impact on the society by acting as a bridge between administration and people. It plays a crucial role in highlighting the plight of oppressed masses, but is also said to have imparted some negative effects on the society which mainly include-Desensitization of society, general sense of panic and disorder, disconnection from God and morals, loss of imagination, and an excuse for laziness.   Studies have found that by the age of sixteen years, most children have watched more television than they have spent time in school. The media has also been alleged of promoting vulgarity at some instances. The media on a holistic base has imparted both positives as well as negatives into our social set up.