Opinion 14 December 2020 issue on DDC elections writes Owais Ah Shah

DDC election’s…The revival of electoral politics in Kashmir!!! Owais Ah Shah( The writer is rsuing PG in Pol.Science)
The election’s of DDC in Kashmir have marked a new beginning of electoral process in Kashmir.The abrogation of Article 370,35A & statehood in the year 2019 had left the erstwhile state of J&K  in a terrible climate.The political mainstream was pulled down & a new environment of Bearaucrcy possible was created by the central Govt in J&K.It has taken around a year for Kashmir to get fully politically conscious & the regional parties have forged an alliance known as PAGD which is voicing a  unanimous demand for restoration of Art 370,35A & statehood of J&K.The PAGD is at loggerheads with the central Govt as both parties are not agreeing with each other & central Govt is reluctant of the demands placed by the PAGD.The recent amendments to bolster Panchayti Raj act’s has included DDC & election’s for J&K have also been placed on the menu.The candidates placed by BJP are spread across Kashmir & in a bid to kick out it’s candidates,regional parties of Kashmir & alliance of PAGD have placed their candidates in the fray to fight BJP.
During the campaigning trails,the candidates of PAGD are vehemently addressing people to vote for PAGD & maintain dignity & honour of J&K.What’s fascinating in these election’s that young,educated youth are also in the fray fighting independently.People of Kashmir have never seen a febrile atmosphere of election’s as they are witnessing now.The poll record is also humongous & people are supporting candidates everywhere.The old & stodgy image of election’s fought by only politicians has shrugged off & a new image has sprouted up where the young generation find this platform a powerful vehicle to address public issue’s. These election’s are very important because the candidates who will emerge victorious will have a great role to play for the future politics in Kashmir.People are supporting this election to maintain dignity & honour of Kashmiri & also elect new faces who are supporting public cause & will carve out a space for political & public engagement.Kashmir is entering into a phase of new political stability where people will decide who to vote & why to vote.The politics of past is supplanted by the politics of present which will help Kashmir’s new growth of politics.