Kashmiri Pandits …The Sufferers of Conflict!!!

Kashmiri Pandits…The sufferers of conflict!!!

Owais Ah Shah

Pursuing PG in Pol Science at University of Kashmir. The Central & State Governments  have always miserably failed at tiding Kashmir Pandits over terrible times.There might have been several objectives placed forward for cutting through their abject miseries but a calibrated & capital strategy has been never put in place to assure a full & speedy rehabilitation of Pandits.Why has state & central Governments at multiple times  shrugged off their responsibilities on Pandits is a question that has been taken up at many times & the obvious answer to it is “Tokenism”.Both parties have played the card of tokenism to make one of the grave issues in Kashmir’s conflict look normal.What’s very important to look at is the manner Pandits have been projected in the Political sphere.They have become a community that has been used for political reference during the time’s of election’s.The grave issue of Pandits is shared by everyone in Kashmir & everyone does share their pain & problems.They were a part of this land & had to leave their home & their everything only because of the terrible times in Kashmir.Its obvious that the attachment of motherland in all Pandits can never disappear.It shall remain in their hearts forever. The principal question is that despite the massive decisions taken by central Govt including the abrogation of Art 370 which completely changed the political environment in J&K,the rehabilitation of Kashmiri Pandits is yet to be done.It requires a very well crafted strategy that aims to rehabilitate them & the driving force to this would be consensus building which must be done.If every opinion of Kashmiri Pandits is taken into consideration,it would be possible for any of the Govt to bring them back to Kashmir. It would be very right to say that Kashmir has always been renowned for the celebration of it’s rich diversity & Pandit community has a massive share in making & shaping of Kashmiri culture.We can never deny the fact that they haven’t played any role here but their role is massive & appreciated as well.Its very unfortunate that some disruptive influences try to harm our rich history of togetherness which we would never let to happen.We have always stood up against any such attempt that was aimed to break our unity & our rich history.We may be not together but our emotional attachment to Kashmir makes us both one that we will cherish & relish forever.At the end let me stress,Kashmiri Pandits need a healing touch,a helping hand & a happy future ahead.