My life as Nigerian Lawyer

Barr. Saadatu A. Mohammed Esq.

A very cold morning in the holy month of Ramadan, i was asked by my Principal to appear

before the Court of Appeal Judges Kaduna division to move an Application.

I was confused for a minute, because i was new and terrified of the court, those judges

intimidate even the most Senior Lawyers in the Land, let alone myself.

Even though i had a sleepless night, i was up as early as i could for my epic journey. Upon my

arrival, my case was No.11 on the causelist.

As i waited patiently for my turn, i watched with enormous fear how Senior Advocates were

being drilled and tossed around like a football. Few minutes later, case No.11 was called, my

mouth was as dry as the desert, as I stood up to speak i almost choked…

…..S.A Muhammad Miss is my name, i whispered in a very low tune. I became even more

terrified when My Lord gazed at me, but as i advanced i spoke evidently well if i may add.

They acknowledged that i was new and able… “Application is hereby granted–call the next


I stood up like a champ and took my leave.

That is my life as a Nigerian Lawyer.. Every session is a fight you just have to find a way to win….