A story of my village {check-Kanispora Baramulla} which has rented school

Rameez Bhat

In our mother tongue Village is commonly known as “GHAAM”. Village is euphorically an amazing place where a stressful soul can relish the beauty of nature. The village life is full of ravishing beauty because of various things like enjoying with neighbors, full of ecstatic and social duties of respective members of every family. The people together can take part in various festivals to relish the beauty of festivals. People also take part in neighbors work and together they relish the work with ease. Somehow village life is gifted by the creator but it would be more gifted if the government will take part in its development.

Let me talk about my village {Check-Kanispora} which falls in Baramulla block about 9 km from the main Baramulla town. It has neither a well maintained road nor even it has any transportation services. The locals are in a state of acute pain due to the bad condition of road. It has made travel risk prone. Electricity  supply is erratic and safe drinking water is yet to reach in our village. What makes me anguish about my village, is the education system. Here education system is suffering very badly on all fronts. As we are well aware that education is the backbone of any nation that grooms its citizen to grimace and kind of hard-knocks with braveness and boost them to acquire more and more feasible ways to achieve the quality of excelling in lives. It would be only possible when you have a better quality of education rather I can say best quality of education. Let me talk about the education system of my village. In our village we have got two schools one is Middle and second  is primary school. It’s our bad luck that both schools are rented. At  times various zonal education officers came to observe the schools of my village and at various times they assured us that they will provide a government building with effervescing playground where students can take part easily in various curriculum activities. Neither had they provided a government building nor does the students have been given quality education. Our children are not able to read the things properly, memorizing the things is so far away. Other worst thing is that in our middle school we have seven teachers for 30-students. At the same time we have three teachers in our primary school for six students. It’s totally pathetic. Our education officers do no’t take this matter earnestly, as they are under deep slumber. Now we have a hope that our newly education minister Mr. Naeem Akhtar sb will take this matter seriously. Sir as we know education is essential for the progress of all human societies. Education gives us hope to raise the nation towards development but it seems impossible in our hapless valley particularly in my village as the present system is very much defective. Here schools are rented with least presence of students, it would not matter for me or for the people of my village if they provide an education in  rented schools but what makes me agonizing and the people of my village is that our students don’t get a best quality of education. Believe me it created a string twinge in my heart as our children don’t know the basics of their books.

And the worst thing is that neither the respective teachers take this matter gravely nor the chief education officer of Baramulla. Why should they take care about the children life of my village? As their children get their education in most reputable schools of district Baramulla. But what about the children of my village as they get their education where their teachers are not able to provide them a good quality of education. I would humbly request to you {Respected Naeem Akhtar sb} on behalf of the people of my village and the respective students of the school, please take this matter seriously, and think for a while about the future of our hapless children.

I did my job as I have highlighted few issues because every individual has its own role in their own society to lead the nation towards the development, now it’s your turn to look at these things, hope you people will emphatically ponder on these issues. I would like to end my issue by sayings of Anujsomany: The true value of an education is in providing a wisdom tool to each and every student to make a good life than merely making a living out of the acquired knowledge from the school.