Inflation Paining Kashmir

The phenomenon of ever rising inflation is very unfavorably  impacting the life of general masses in the Valley of Kashmir. The monster of inflation is impacting significant spheres of life in the valley of Kashmir. As a matter of fact, Inflation means paying more for goods than what you were paying earlier. Off late, not only indispensable goods have seen a price hike, non-essential items have also seen this hike. In other words inflation is making a hole in the pocket of common man in the valley.

The worse part of it is that rising food prices have far outstripped the growth rate and overall income rise of masses. Tomateos,Potatoes, onions, eggs and many types of pulses are costing  twice as costly as they were about a few  years ago.


This hyper inflation in Kashmir has hit the common man the most. Kashmir’s logistical handicap has another reverse effect – its exports lose their competitiveness due to the relatively high transportation costs. To cope with inflation,we know that  Middle income group have cut back consumption where possible, buy cheaper products given alternatives, postpone the purchase of little indulgences and cut out discretionary spend altogether. With food eating  up more of their incomes their saving is likely to vanish altogether,

The devil of inflation has hit other parts of country as well. To curb the ills of inflation we need a collective roadmap to end the same