Chaotic Kashmir

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Chaos, Panic has spread throughout in Kashmir in wake of braid chopping attacks being reported from length and breadth of the Kashmir Valley.

Scores of women in Kashmir have reported being attacked by masked assailants in the last two months. The women claimed the attackers sprayed chemicals on their faces and left them unconscious. Upon waking up, they found their hair had been chopped off.

Meanwhile, a PIL has also been filed by some lawyers in this regard .


Talking to our  correspondent , Advocate Masrat Kawsar  (who filed PIL) stated -”  Braid Chopping has assumed menacing form .We have in our PIL brought attention of honorable High court into the serious matter of braid Chopping and calling upon the Police to ensure nabbing the culprits and making the women folk feel secure .With intervention from Court we are hopeful that the process of acting swiftly in these ugly incidents of braid chopping will gain momentum. We are hopeful that it would be Soon listed for hearing.”

Uneasiness, hooligan approach at some instances has also crept in.

Narrating the ordeal of a mentally challenged person who was roughed up taken as braid chopper Javeed Ali, columnist wrote  “ A person was roughed up near our house. My all attempts to protect him from beating and listening to his version failed completely as he was badly overpowered by the huge group of people of our vicinity. In the meantime, police vehicles arrived and they asked to hand him over to them. The people declined to hand him over to police and started chanting slogans suspecting him as Army worker. They pelted stones on police vehicles but police burst tear smoke shells and took him forcibly in their vehicle. After that everyone started making bizarre stories surrounding the incident as is common in Kashmir.

The next day, respectable and trustworthy elders of our area went to the police station to enquire about the fate of the alleged braid chopper. They were shocked to know that the person whom they had beaten barbarously is a mentally retarded patient of our nearby locality. He was now admitted in a hospital. His family members were present there with the medical documents which confirmed that he is suffering from stress and depression since last 20 years. They were crying bitterly along with the mentally challenged person whom we had suspected as braid chopper.”

Without doubt the alleged braid-choppers have frightened locals across the valley of Kashmir and life has literally come to grinding halt , with growing suspicion and innocents also been targeted becoming the sad realities .