India- Pakistan Deadlock

As the valley of Kashmir is simmering with almost daily killings  in an unprecedented wave of surge in militancy  the India- Pakistan relations are on everyday basis  hitting rock bottom thus making possibility of peace a remote possibility .All this is mostly having adverse impact on Kashmir scenario.

India recently rejected Pakistan’s proposal for  talks on Kashmir and asserted that it would like to discuss aspects related to cross-border terrorism which are central to the current situation in Jammu and Kashmir.


Over past some time, India has  expressed his willingness to talk  to Islamabad but maintained Pakistan has no locus standi in addressing any aspect of the situation in Jammu and Kashmir+ , which is an internal matter of India, except to put an end to cross-border terrorism  and infiltration.


Indias central point has been that Since aspects related to cross-border terrorism  are central to the current situation in J&K, we have proposed that discussions between the two countries  be focused on them.

While as Pakistan maintains that resolution of Kashmir dispute is key to peace, and has maintained that it will lend all moral, diplomatic and political support to the cause and struggle of Kashmir.

In nutshell, India-Pakistan cold relations can are not only hurting  peace and prosperity of entire region and make Kashmir a hotbed of bloodshed .