Kashmir hopes better 2018

As 2017 came to an end, people of Kashmir have pinned their hopes on a better and prosperous year 2018 especially speedy journey towards peace after witnessing much human killings in 2017 . Scores of families are still grappling to come to terms so as to deal with the havoc caused by unabated violence in Kashmir in 2017.

People of Kashmir are hoping that state and central government takes the concrete steps and takes restoration of peace process, dialogue  as priority number one.

Masses in Kashmir are also hoping that 2018 would see end to corruption prevalent in our society and system. The monster of corruption is as a matter of fact  one of the serious challenge to be faced by the new State government. Painfully enough , the power crisis in Kashmir in this harsh winter is reaching crippling proportions, with the supply-demand deficit reaching a record level. Every sector is facing problem due to frequent power cuts. The prolonged spells of load shedding has become a norm in Kashmir Valley. Ending power crisis in 2018 would be a big gift to people of Kashmir by the government.

On economic front the fiend of inflation continues to haunt a common Kashmiri, especially the rising food prices. The rise in the prices of vegetables and fruits, which shot up by two to three times in such a short time, is said to be the sharpest increase in recent nostalgia in the Valley of Kashmir.

Overall the hopes of having better 2018 are high.