I have Soul Connection with Kathak: Shovana Narayan

Shovana Narayan is a recognised Indian Kathak dancer and a career officer with Indian Audit and Accounts Service. She performs in India and internationally, and has been awarded the Padma Shri.

She was the creative director-producer-dancer of the first-ever trilogy involving western classical dance-Kathak-flamenco in “The Dawn After” in 1994.
In an exclusive interview with the News Kashmir, she talks with Rameez Makhdoomi and Farzana Mumtaz.

What inspired you to kathak ?
I got into the field of Kathak when I was just 3 years old .My mother wanted also me to do Kathak . I loved Kathak ,and the moment I got mentored by the mother and ace Kathak Dancer like Sadhana Bose ,my heart and mind I found in Kathak and I got linked to it by soul.
How did you maintain great grip on study ?
I did masters and PHD in Physics ,and I successfully got inducted into Civil Service as a career officer with Indian Audit and Accounts Service. I had equal love for study and dance.

Who have been guiding forces for you in Dance Journey ?
My dance journey guiding forces have been my mother and then Sadhana Bose in Kolkata , Kundan Lal in Mumbai and then trained under legendary personality of Birju Maharaj in Delhi , he had great charisma as Dance Guru. Beyond Dance is the Atma or soul of Dance that I learnt via my mother.

How did you balance between career officer in civil services and life as Dancer?

I have always had duality about my nature. I gave passion and full energy to the both roles that I had to play both as Civil Service officer and Dancer.

How about support from husband?
He has always rendered me tremendous support, and we have both have been extremely faithful to one another. MY HUSBAND Dr. Herbert Traxl, Austrian Ambassador to India and many other countries is an prominemt diplomat ,but he has lend every possible support to my career.

What about present dance traditions in the India?
The contemporary theme is always going on but
In all ages the classical world especially in our country is going on with same zeal and enthusiasm especially among the dedicated youngesters who give their soul to classical dance tradition.

Your journey impact on others?
Well as a performer and guru,” I Shovana Narayan have performed widely in several prestigious national and international festivals and before several heads of state and governments and has trained several Kathak artists of the young generation.

What is your message ?
My message especially to the youth is never ever take short cuts as it hurts the journey of career. Dwell deep into what you love to do and give it your soul.

How do you see dance talent in India ?
The dance talent in India is simply beyond imagination and it is unbelievable to say the least. We only need to channelise the talent and it’s energy in right direction to make maximum out of it .