Bilquees Ara : Superwoman donating blood for humanity 

Bilquees Ara : Superwoman donating blood for humanity 

Mir Sabeen Gulrez

Meet Bilquees Ara who has been working as a Asha Worker since 2012, have so far donated 28 points of blood in a span of nine years. 

Hailing from a small village of Chabotra village of Kralgund Tehsil in Handwara, Bilquees Ara 32, is a Asha worker by profession. 

Becoming first  ray of hope for those who know that  her one time help would save them forever. Her blood donating nature  has set an example for the people. 

“I always wait how three months will end so that I can be able to donate more blood. So, that my one donation can bring smile on that faces who have lost hopes of their dear ones”, said Bilquees. 

while stating that, she always appeal especially her people in her locality to donate blood . She always wanted ladies to. Come forward for blood donation, she stated further. 

Dr Javid Rasool a Haemotologist in Sher-i-Kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences, Soura, told that, “In  a year every person can donate 10-20ml per Kg can donate depending upon how much weight he/she has. After every three months he/she can donate the blood again. He/She should be a fit donor neither there should be any  chronic diseases related to liver, heart, kidneys nor he/she should have hepatitis like viral infections in their bodies”,said Dr Javid. 

“When a donor comes for donations they are screened first Whether they are physically fit, after that they are allowed for donations. We always check donor’s past and present history. There should be no chronic history as already stated above”,added Dr Javid. 

While having a  chit chat with News Kashmir Magazine Bilquees stated that, 

“These days scenario have been changed as  no patient  from Kupwara Or Handwara have referred for blood to district Srinagar. People usually come and donate blood . Even youth is always available 24*7. So that no other people suffer”, stated Bilquees Ara. 

While asking few questions like her response was like, “

1. What motivated you to donate blood? 

She said: It was a poor pregnant lady who was admitted in L. D Hospital Srinagar ; She was in labor pain family was arranging blood, but they are failing to do so. That day scenario changed and it was me who voluntarily came forward so that I can donate blood for her and especially for the new born. That moment feeling was out of the world. 

2. After donating blood do u feel any weakness? 

I never felt any kind of weakness rather I am healthy, Alhamdulillah. 

3. Do you feel any kind of health related problems after donating blood? 

 No, I don’t feel any kind of health related problems after donating blood. 

4. Do you go for regular check ups after donating blood? 

  Yeah sure sometimes almost after every two months I go for complete check up. 

5. Arw people around you getting motivated for blood donation? 

Yes, of course the people who are around me are always like 24*7 available for blood donations. 

6. How you feel when someone says you that it’s because of you their loved one is saved? 

 I am not only happy but surely proud of myself that Allah has chosen me for this purpose. 

7. Did you consult any dietician so that you can be healthy for next donation? 

 No, I have never consulted any dietician. 

8. What you usually include in you diet? 

: I usually believe in natural diet  like Fruits and Veggies, no more additives. 

9 . Any. Message for youth for donating blood?

My only message for youth is to donate blood so that   precious lives can be saved. 

According to the officials, During 2014-15, Government Medical College, Srinagar conducted a study titled ‘Gender Differences in Blood Donation ” among Donors of Kashmir. The study revealed that females contribute a meager 4.44% of blood donations by males was 95.56% in J&K.

In India, 65 is the upper age limit to donate the blood. The best age is 60. In developed countries, the upper age limit for the donations is 75,according to the officials.