“Where are human right organizations –Alive or dead??

“Where are human right organizations –Alive or dead??

Showkat Ahmad Dar & Zubair Ahmad

A Genocide, massacre after massacre, after massacre, after
massacre. No one in the world seems to be worried about it.
Nowhere else in the world, human life was deemed as
worthless as in current era. Kashmir is an intractable conflict between the two
South Asian countries: India and Pakistan. It has affected
people of tiny nation badly. Every individual suffered here in
this vale of paradise which was known as the beautiful region
across the globe. But its irony that due to unrest, turmoil, and
cycle of violence, people lost their kiths and kins; and
because of all that, State of Jammu and Kashmir suffered a
lot. This valley has seen plenty of untold stories of massive
violations of human rights committed by army, police,
and by some of the militant groups. Since 1989, the people of
Kashmir were killed, tortured, humiliated, and injured.
Thousands of the people were killed due to cycle of violence
prevalent in Jammu and Kashmir. Thousands of the people got injuries and they became disabled to work. Many are those who lost their beloved children’s, daughters, sisters, mothers,
and some women have lost their beloved husbands, who were
only the source to care for them. Due to turmoil situations,
thousands of the houses and shops were burnt. This study will describe how fundamental rights of the people were
encroached and curtailed. It will also highlight how the people of this region were suppressed due to misuse of the armed forces..

Human right organizations around the world took pledge to dedicate their efforts to protecting human rights and ending human rights abuses without any loaves and fish .Human rights abuses in the Indian state of Jammu and
Kashmir state are an ongoing issue. The abuses range from
mass killings, enforced disappearances , torture, rape and
sexual abuse to political repression and suppression of
freedom of speech . The Indian Army , Central Reserve Police
Force (CRPF), Border Security Personnel (BSF) and various
separatist militant groups have been accused and held
accountable for committing severe human rights abuses
against Kashmiri civilians .
Crimes by militants are said to be incomparable with the
larger scale abuse by state forces. Some rights
groups say close to 100,000 people have died since 1989
while the official figures from Indian sources state the
estimates of number of civilians killed due to the insurgency in
the range of 18,725 to 49,000 civilians, in which 4,642
civilians were killed by security forces. India
accuses the Pakistan Army for abusing human rights in
Jammu and Kashmir by violating the ceasefire and continuing
to kill Kashmiri civilians , a claim which is
totally rejected by Pakistan who blames Indian army for the
violation of LoC.
Let me hit the hit the road about the symbol over substance of kashmirs about human rights organizations. Is human right organisation is still alive or dead where is their already taken pledge to dedicate their efforts for ending the tortures and bloodshed. Kashmir is bleeding everyday infact kashmirs people born in bloodshed, lives in bloodshed and dies in bloodshed. Don’t we people have right to live happily. kashmir valley became a place where the blood is monotonous. Violations here became perpetual and persistent and its outcome is only we kashmiris bear the loss.
2018 and 2019 witnessed large no of violations in kashmir valley
Dear India i am not anti India but remember Those who tied a Kashmir guy to jeep. Paraded him on
bonnet. Made t-shirts out of this. Now are suddenly
reminded of Geneva Conventions.
We kashmiris are in the brim of fire every day we have fear in our minds and hearts. There is karbala everyday in kashmir we wake up with the news of bloodshed. We feels our body, desperate to know whether We are still alive.

Mother was waiting for his son’s Release and police brought his dead body This is our kashmir.Yes, I am talking about A private school teacher, who was arrested by the Jammu and
Kashmir police in connection with a militancy
related case, died in custody on 19th of march 2109 on Tuesday prompting authorities
to order a magisterial inquiry into the incident.
Rizwan Asad Pandit (28), a resident of Awantipora in south
Kashmir’s Pulwama district was a militancy suspect, the police
said. He was arrested from his home a few days back and he
died during the intervening night of Monday and Tuesday.
Sources revealed that Pandit was being interrogated at Cargo
headquarters of special operations group (SOG) of J&K Police
in Srinagar, when he died.
The family of the victim said Rizwan had no links with any
militant group and they were being harassed just because they
are supporters of Jamaat-e-Islami, a politico-religious
organisation banned by the Center government last month.
The police have requested a magisterial inquiry under Section
176 of the Code of Criminal Procedure to ascertain the cause
and circumstances leading to Pandit’s death, a police official
said, adding that further details were awaited.
Separately police investigation has also been initiated in the
jurisdictional area of the incident.

My Question is that These types of enquires are regular and habitual in our kashmir valley . Now After few months the Authorities will definitely closedown the his case of enquiry. Does investigation or enquiry give us our brother back not at all. Stop these types of violations in kashmir before it reaches point of no return.

Thousands of Kashmiris have been reported to be killed by security forces in custody, extrajudicial executions and
enforced disappearances and these human right violations are
said to be carried out by Indian security forces under total
impunity. Civilians including women and children have been killed in “reprisal” attacks by Indian security forces.

The soldiers of the 4th Rajputana Rifles of the Indian Army on
23 February 1991 launched a search operation for the militants
in a village Kunan Poshpora , in the Kupwara district of Jammu
and Kashmir and after which they were accused by locals of
allegedly raping 23 women. Later, interviews of victims
and eyewitnesses were documented into a short film Ocean of
Tears which was prevented from being broadcast.
Nevertheless, the Indian committee that led a thorough
investigation concluded that the allegations were “grossly
exaggerated” and the Kunan rape story was “a massive hoax
orchestrated by militant groups and their sympathizers and
mentors in Kashmir and abroad as a part of sustained and
cleverly contrived strategy of psychological warfare and as an
entry point for re-inscribing Kashmir on the International
Agenda as a Human rights issue.” However, Human Rights
organizations including Human Rights Watch have reported
that the number of raped women could be as high as 100.

During the Amarnath land transfer controversy more than 40 unarmed protesters were killed by the personnel of Central
Reserve Police Force. At least 300 were detained under
Public Safety Act, including teenagers. The same practice
was again repeated by the personnels of the Central Reserve
Police Force, during the 2010 Kashmir Unrest , which resulted
in 112 deaths, including many teenager protesters at various
Hundreds of civilians including women and children have
reportedly been extrajudicial executed by Indian security
forces and the killings are concealed as fake encounters.
Despite government denial, Indian security officials have
reportedly confessed to Human Rights Watch of the
widespread occurrence of fake encounters and its
encouragement for awards and promotions According to a BBC interview with an anonymous security person, ‘fake
encounter’ killings are those in which security personnel kill
someone in cold blood while claiming that the casualty
occurred in a gun battle. It also asserts that the security
personnel are Kashmiris and “even surrendered militants”

“Women in Kashmir have suffered enormously since the
separatist struggle became violent in 1989–90. Like the
women in other conflict zones, they have been raped,
tortured, maimed and killed. A few of them were even jailed
for years together. Kashmiri women are among the worst
sufferers of sexual violence in the world. Sexual violence
has been routinely perpetrated on Kashmiri women, with
11.6% of respondents saying they were victims of sexual
The United Nation report on Human Rights has come so late.
The country is filled with grave-yards, tragedies everywhere,
every family has lost a loved one. Every day brings sad news.
To deprive Kashmiris of human sympathy, world-wide, there
are always enough propaganda reasons, that paint them as
one thing or other and with Indo-Pak governmental resources
a lot can be done.
They are the people who are asking for their freedom, a right
exercised by 194 member nations of UN, or at least a lull in
the rain of fire.

Human rights reports are not enough to stop violations in kashmir.

people felt that state have lost the trust of all these magisterial inquires. Hardly anything has come out of them and truth has been the biggest casualty. The kashmir dispute needs red pencil policy and pragmatic approach for forever rectification. It is pertinent to mention here that no democracy can
be successful where draconian and inhuman laws are
prevailing. Democracy can only survive when the dignity of every individual will be respected and safeguarded. Here are
tears in every mother’s eyes that lost their beloved children.
Everybody here hates violence and is ready to see peaceful
Kashmir without any conflict and human rights violations, may
this dream of so many become reality
There is an urgent need to address
HumanRights violations and abuses and to deliver justice for all people, who have suffered a conflict that has claimed or ruined numerous lives for seven decades.
The human rights violations in state
of Jammu and Kashmir would be considered
democratic failure and dysfunctional polity
which is run by the Indian government in
valley. Kashmiri even are not feeling safe in other parts of India, they are being terrorized and killed in other parts of India. India has always
abused her power in Kashmir. This all was
done on the basis of bayonet and misuse of
power. India debunks the image of Kashmiri
everywhere undoubtedly, it can be said that Kashmiri people are talented, humane, character, and generous, but the system had always suppressed them without taking
into consideration their genuine demands.
Democracy is based on rule of law, justice,
equality, and liberty. But it’s quite ironic that
these features of democracy are absent in Kashmir. All eruptions in the state were caused only because of the democratic failure.

“In the world where the corpse are found..

Killers ain’t found anywhere”

(Dar showkat from Handwara is a Civil services Aspirant.)