In BJP Merit and efficiency works: Sheikh Khalid Jehangir

In BJP Merit and efficiency works: Sheikh Khalid Jehangir

Sheikh Khalid Jehangir is an prominent youthful politician of BJP and party candidate from Prestigious Srinagar Constituency in the Lok Sabha elections . He has been a well known journalist, writer , political strategist. He joined in 2014 BJP and became Bharatiya Janta Party and its Jammu & Kashmir Affairs Spokesperson. He was fellow at International Strategic Affairs Washington DC.
In an exclusive interview with the News Kashmir, Sheikh Khalid Jehangir talks to Editor in chief Farzana Mumtaz.

Will BJP open account in the Lok Sabha elections from Kashmir valley ?

The Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) is focusing on grassroots to strengthen itself along with its agenda of positive change. Our focus is on to take the baby steps forward and take in progressive method of step by step .

You are in BJP since few years now but in coming electoral contest you are locked in tough contest with Stalwart like Drug Farooq Abdullah your take ?
In today’s Kashmir there are no stalwarts in Kashmir the youth hate equally any NC politician as they will anyone from BJP and it is because our local mainstream parties have cheated both masses of Kashmir and New Delhi. They got all benefits for themselves and their kiths and kins but unfortunately exploited the masses. They engaged masses in futile discourse.

What will do you to change this image of mainstream?
My clear cut slogan is ” Leave falsehood stick to truth “, as since 1947 the mainstream politicians of pro India parties have just worked to promote themselves and their sons and daughters, they got every benefit from India but in return gave nothing to masses of Kashmir and only taught them hatred of India. They fixed no criteria for making their children take dynasty positions and gave them everything on platter. They used innocent masses and kept them busy with India Pakistan China discourse. Now curtains are failing and people are knowing truth.

Your take on increasing tendency of youth taking up arms in Kashmir?
The more youth have gone to militancy because the traditional mainstream parties have betrayed the people by not working and just raising the false rhetoric and just giving preference to their personnel interests and remaining disconnected from the issues of people as a result youth alienation has increased at a fast pace. We as BJP will change this perception of mainstream and give heed to issues faced by masses.

What are reasons for such volatile situation in South Kashmir ?
The mainstream leadership have failed their masses and disconnected from the people . The leaders and elected representatives of south Kashmir resorted to false things and broke every promise , the PDP first formed government with BJP and in front of public resorted to maligning our image .They by their conduct ruined everything .
Critics believe by Jamaat and JKLF ban you are choking political space in Kashmir ?
Every country has its well defined national interest .India only does not have national interest but all the countries of world be it Pakistan or USA. The ban on these organizations was imposed as per feedback from the central agencies .No country can tolerate separatism and extremism.
Some say hardline policies of BJP Forced many youth to arms ?
Our party is in baby step. The Chief Minister of this state is chairman of unified command. This question should be asked to Mehbooba Mufti .From Khalid Jehangir to others we got disconnected from people and remain aloof in our dreams from Gupkar to Church lane.PDP lead by Mehbooba Mufti did not acted as Chief Minister of her state but of her party workers as a result the situation worsened.
Critics say BJP under Amit Shah and Modi represents hardliner Hindutva party?

These type of things are just propaganda as in BJP merit works not just dynasty. In the BJP party anyone by his capability and merit rises while as in other Parties from NC, PDP to Congress just dynasty works and it is about favoritism and nepotism while as in BJP Merit and efficiency works .

Your take on the rising mob lynching in India during BJP rule ?
Mob lynching is always condemnable and even in Kashmir if a tourist gets hurt or killed in stone pelting we all condemn it similarly it is propaganda to paint few isolated episodes generalizations which is not the case .
Do you believe BJP will get in future state wide mandate ?
Definitely BJP is gaining foot holds in the state of Jammu and Kashmir and we are a bigger national progressive political force bound to grow and people are realizing cheap politics of NC and PDP .
What steps would you take to decrease youth anger and alienation?
I would ask the youth of Kashmir to go in maximum numbers in Mainstream politics and get connected to the main power center Delhi as youth should be encouraged to go in mainstream to achieve positive results .