Hopes of Good Governance

Jammu and Kashmir is moving into 2016 with lots of hopes and expectations. The long running violent conflict has been paining the masses especially people of Kashmir as pain, death and destruction has defined the life in Kashmir. One added thing that has accelerated and added to continued chaos in all three regions Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh is the lack of quality governance. The hopes of people about good governance have been dashed time and again  , barring few short intervals of  time the state has witnessed not that much of what can be termed as good governance.

The voices are hoping that in the upcoming New Year the Jammu and Kashmir Government would focus on mantra of good governance.

Good governance and reaching via it to grassroots of the populace is the need of the hour and to an extent providing it can douse the angry fires in the state and ease out the overall paradigms of frustration. Let the government brainstorm and provide good governance to the masses of state.

Good Governance should involve taking series of steps on ground zero. The steps that should be taken should include giving the Thrust to employment and income generation,  Expanding provision of basic services , Reviving the traditional industries of Kashmir, Improving the face of public health and education sector, Relief & Rehabilitation for the dislocated and bereaved people.

Let the 2016 be the year of good governance for the people of Jammu and Kashmir.