Airport boom in India

The significance of airports in development of a nation is paramount. Airports play a considerable role in economic development, and the most important cargo they move is people. Airports are much more than places to catch planes, attend an in-transit business meeting, or do some duty-free shopping; they are among the largest investments a city and region make.

On the otherhand, Efficient logistics is critical for countries like India to harness trade and facilitate greater & faster integration with both the domestic as well as world economy. Keeping all this in mind 56 new airports will become functional in the next few years, Union Minister for Commerce & Industry and Civil Aviation, Shri Suresh Prabhu said at the two days Global Logistics Summit being held in New Delhi.

The Minister further said that by bringing all the stakeholders together it will create the right platform to improve logistics and connectivity which are vital for increasing intra-state and international trade flows.

As a matter of fact, Indian logistics industry is estimated at around US $ 215 billion in 2019-20, growing at over 10 % annually. In the last decade or so, significant improvements in Railways, Roads, Highways, Inland Waterways, Aviation, Ports and Coastal Shipping have taken place. India has improved its ranking in the Logistics Performance Index (prepared by the World Bank) from 54 in 2014 to 35 in 2016. To keep up with the growth in demand for logistics services, it is important to develop a consistent approach to logistics across infrastructure, services and different modes of transportation.

Definitely the prospect of seeing many airports in future in India has raised hope of fast economic growth in the country .