God – Oriented Life, opinion 29 March,2021 by Syed Mustafa Ahmad

GOD-ORIENTED LIFE By Syed Mustafa Ahmad
About 13 billion years ago, the Universe was created with a bang, called the” Big Bang”. According to this theory, the Whole Universe was a single entity. The intelligent Designer, parted the Earth from the seven skies with a bang that resulted in the origin of the present Earth. The Holy Qur’an also reiterates this fact in Chapter Al Anbiya. In this way, there are ample evidences that make it clear that there are many ways to know God. God is invisible but His manifestations are everywhere to know Him. In the present world, it is very easy to learn about God. He is omnipresent if we open our eyes a bit. Indeed, our bodies are so beautiful and intricate that a person is forced to introspect.       If this is the case, let us try to know some things that make it crystal clear that God is present and we must know him.      First is our bodies. The way they are designed, is unbelievable. In the speech by Gyanvatsal Swami, he says that it costs some trillion dollars to make a dead human body. It is not a living body. So, one can easily imagine that how costly the human beings are. We take these kinds of truths lightly but if we ponder over these facts, we will eventually come to know that there is someone who is intelligent and surely He is our creator. We should be thankful to Him for this gift.      Second is greenery around us. In Autumn, there is no life. But when it comes to Spring, the same Earth comes to life. Bacteria that were dead in the soil, came to life with some drops of rain fall on the dead Earth. The same God is responsible for making the both things to happen; deadening of the Earth as well as providing life to it. Flowers of different colours bloom that marvel us. Poets as well as aesthetics begin to praise beauty in their works. They deliberately sideline other things of importance in order to know the real worth of things. William Wordsworth in his poem “ Daffodils” says that how one day when he was in a passive mood, he came across Daffodils that were dancing in the wind. Such was the effect of this scene that whenever he was lying vacant, the charming scene of the flowers used to give him the wealth that no material thing can provide to him. Moreover, John Keats says that a thing of beauty is a joy forever. In this way, we can conclude that greenery is about knowing God.        Third and last is diversity among the human beings. There are 7.8 billion people in the world, who are different from each other. No two brains are same. Similarly, no two persons’ fingerprints match. Zebras that look alike, are actually different. All these diverse things have one thing in common that there is someone who is intelligent in every sense. He doesn’t get tired after creating this diverse world. In this way, God’s knowledge comes forth with no flaw. In the above things, the main thing that is of utmost importance is that there are innumerable things present that are evident of the fact that God has to be accepted and followed in letter and spirit. Air is invisible; doesn’t mean that air does not exist. Same is the case with God. If He is invisible; doesn’t mean that He doesn’t exist. Logic is necessary in every thing. But some things in the present are of that nature that either we don’t have enough knowledge to know the intricacies of God or God Himself has reserved some things for the world Hereafter. Wahidudin khan says that we must look around.  It, in the long run, will help us to know God as well as ourselves.