Dear NEET Aspirants!!!

Dear NEET aspirants!!!
Owais Ahmad Shah

As you know that results have been declared.Your reading room has turned into a veritable jungle.Those who have made it are walking on the air and those who have not are carrying a vacant expression in their faces,crestfallen.Just relax,stay lose and composed.Turn back your clock,in the recent past you have hammered away at this examination.You gave everything to make your dream come true.Celebrate this failure and it will open new doors of success for you.Today you have to compete with the aspirants of other states.During the days of JKCET,a student would bear in his mind that he has to compete with the aspirants of his own state but the new age medical professionalism has broadened the horizons and put over this capital idea just like IAS,where participants of all states push ahead to crack the exams.
You have the necessary detachment,participate in career counselling programmes.Your only goal should not be to read the stuff and crack the exams but you must go beyond this phenomenon.
The profession of medical science is not only about identity attachment but it is about social work,it is about taking care and finding new measures of curacy.
At last let me try to make you feel relaxed about the exams.As you know,in every exam,we see success stories as well as failures.People who pass exams with flying colours are appreciated,recognized for their feat but the people who fail the exams are crestfallen,they bite their lips.
The next year NEET exams will also have success stories who will take the centre stage and as well as failures who will be in background.This year you have not made it to NEET and you should not burden yourselves with miseries but you should pin faith in your confidence for the next exams.You must have well prepared your notes for NEET exams and now you need to stay lose and do any other work.Start studying higher education and frame a time table for NEET studies.I know you will go to the whole nine yards.When you have done your first coaching,stop doing anyother coaching because it will have an adverse affect on the early coaching.Start self-studying,take advice of NEET pass outs and participate in career counselling programmes.The best bet would be to start a new chapter in NEET exams.
Today horizon of career is not limited to few fields but scores of fields.
The writer is Student at GDC Handwara.