Establishment of JK Police Drug De-addiction centre in Baramulla


Drug addiction is not moral failure or lack of willpower it’s complex disease that deserves long-term, extensive treatment just like any other chronic disease, in a welcoming development to fight against drug addiction J&K Police has established one of its Drug De-addiction centre here in north Kashmir Baramulla district.
“The unrest and uncertain environment in the state has created various immense hardships for the people of Kashmir unemployment, psychological trauma, frequent shutdowns, internet ban etc. Because of this environment the system has been fed up it’s a root cause that drug addiction rate is increasing rapidly not only in youth but in all group of ages, because the people are in stress. now state police and some NGO’s have taken the initiative against drug menace Drug De-addiction centres have been established to fight against this social evil. Many drug addicts were admitted in these drug de-addiction centers to get rid from the drugs, in present time they are living a peaceful life. Every dispute should be solved in a peaceful manner which is good for everyone”, Said Tariq Ahmad Magloo, general secretary Traders federation Baramulla.

“I started taking drugs 6 months ago because of some family issue. During this time of span I used various drugs from brown sugar to heroin, I was thinking that these things are taking out me from the family mess which is absolutely wrong, in locality everyone was carrying my bad image in their eyes, mind and heart which was horrible time of my life and I don’t want that to perceive again, said Hanan 22 (Name Changed),Once I have taken excess amount of drugs and my family came to know that I am drug addict. They admitted me in Police Drug-De Addiction centre Baramulla where my treatment started for 10 days and monthly routine checkups and I was counseled there that these drugs will kill me, with extra care and strong efforts of doctors now from past 2 months I am free from this drug menace, my identity was not revealed to anyone in the centre. I appeal to those who are stuck in this vice of drug addiction visit Police Drug-de addiction centre Baramulla and live a beautiful life which is offered once” he added

According to Mohammad Ashraf, Counselor Police Drug De-addiction centre Baramulla, there are various symptoms of drug addiction it can be family issues, parents misguidance, financial trouble etc. In recent survey we found that Jammu and Kashmir has high drug addiction rate as compared to other states of country, this is alarming situation which we need to handle with proper care and guidance we need co-operation of public masses so it can be controlled. He further added every year at least 200 to 250 patients were admitted in our centre. We counsel them, examine, extra care and proper treatment given to them so that they will get free from these drug addiction, also there is need of public awareness camps which we hold in schools, colleges and in public places, we are requesting to the parents, civil society members, individuals bring these drug addicts to our centre we assure them they will get rid from this drug menace.