“India and Pakistan should Stop Jingoism “.. .

“India and Pakistan should Stop Jingoism “.. .
Showkat Ahmad Dar & Zubair Ahmad

Where the falling of blood is Monotonous. A stalemate known as Kashmir.
Every morning, I wake up with the news of bloodshed. I feel my body desperate to know whether I’m still alive. The presupposition here is that humanity’s real sin is the violence that leads to death. At least 49 Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) paramilitary troopers were killed in the deadliest terror attack witnessed in three decades of Kashmir’s insurgency. The heinous incident has united all political parties across the country while leaders from all over the world have condemned
the dastardly attack; the United States even went on to the extent of warning Pakistan to not harbor terrorism.
At present, the security forces in the Valley are on high alert and subsequent operations have been launched to detain more suspects in connection with the attack. While Pakistan has denied any role in the attack, India has sent a stern warning to its neighbour while United States warned the nation to eradicate safe havens for terrorists.
Many other countries have also condemned the dastardly incident that has left more than 40 families in anguish.
The aftermath is now another serious and dangerous for kashmiris. Instead of rectification India and Pakistan is now more busy with to activate their defense system for waging the war. Is this called Solution not at all.
Almost all kashmiri students enrolled in Indian colleges and universities are persistently being beaten by Indians hence violation has been growing more and more the police is now escorting the students to their hostel where four of their men patrolled outside for the entire night.
The people of Jammu division using different posters upfront of their shops with tagline of epithet i. e Dogs are allowed but not kashmiris. Morever The constitutional head of Meghlaya created another controversy by supporting the call of boycott of kashmir and kashmiris. The governor as per Indian constitution acted as constitutional authority has the duty to uphold equality and fraternity of India. But Alas! he violated the true spirit and theme of constitution . I must say that this process is called sprinkling salt on the burns which has further tendency to create more and more chaos and violence in kashmir.

Several Kashmiri sophomores, migrants, traders and professionals from many northern states particularly Uttarakhand, Jammu,Bhopal and Haryana, have had to pack up and leave. Colleges
and institutions, threatened by mob, rusticated and suspended many students and professionals with commitment of not admitting Kashmiri students in future particularly in Dehradun.
The mob had members of Bajrang Dal, Vishwa Hindu Parishad,
ABVP and students’ unions.
Many Kashmiri students were booked for posting anti-national comments on social media
and many others were rusticated just because other college students demanded so. Several students in Ambala andJammu were forced out of their rented accommodations. Mobs in Bihar, West Bengal and other states targeted and beaten up the Kashmiri traders. There is a series of non-stop abuses hurling over Kashmiri people and Pakistan on social media by a group of people who demand for revenge and an open war.
Most of the news anchors are constantly arguing to return the same fate for Pakistan. The hatred and bigotry has been shown to that extent that a senior Professor demanded to ‘execute’ 40 Kashmiris as a revenge of Lethpora attack.
Meghalaya governor tweeted suggesting to boycott everything
Kashmiri, even the Amarnath yatra for two years. Apart from these, people questioning the government for the security lapses which was the main cause of the deadly attack on CRPF convoy, are also being targeted and sacked along with those who sympathized and expressed their solidarity with
Kashmiris facing the discrimination and trolls. They are equally considered as anti nationals by the hate mongers.

India has strongly claimed the involvement of Pakistan in this attack as JeM is based in Pakistan and warned it for a befitting reply. In response to the allegations, Pakistan’s Prime
Minister has denied Pakistan’s role in the attack and stated that the country would retaliate if India declares a war but it would be unfortunate for the both countries. He further offered for a bilateral dialogue on terrorism, stating that Pakistan is thenerve center of terrorism. India has rejected both his response
and offer so far and rejected Pakistan’s allegation that India’s response to the terrorist attack is determined by the forthcoming General Election.
Meanwhile PM Narendra Modi ensured not to miss rallies in India, he made his two-day trip to South Korea and also welcomed Saudi crown prince, who announced investment of $20 billion to Pakistan during his Islamabad visit and also praised Pakistan’s anti-terror efforts for maintaining peace.
The UN chief Antonio Guterres has urgently appealed to the government of both countries to
exercise the maximum restraint to stop the situation from further deterioration, adding that it is essential that there must be accountability under international law and the perpetrators
of terror acts be brought swiftly to justice.
While the whole nation is grieving over the killing of army personnel, there are much more additional things for the Kashmiris to grieve over. The way they faced the hatred and
have been hounded up by the mob, it has further weakened their trust in India for their safety and well being in future.
Students are clueless as to what to follow next and are in
doubt whether they would be taken back in the universities or not. This would be a mass educational disaster in India.
Traders, being harassed and pushed to leave, are forced to go back to Kashmir. The people in Kashmir including locals and non-locals from every community staged protest against the
atrocities carried out on Kashmiris outside the state.
Responding to this all, J&K government raised the issue of safety of Kashmiri students in an all-party meeting on the matter on February 16, after which the Home Ministry issued
an advisory nationwide to ensure safety and security of students and people from Kashmir. Kashmiris showed their gratitude and love for the Sikh community who helped and saved them from the mob violence, a sensible humane act which is expected from every sensible citizen of India.
Clearly the Lethpora attack has divided India into three groups: one who is demanding for the revenge in many forms including declaration of war against Pakistan, hounding Kashmiri people and boycotting everything that is Kashmiri.
They clearly don’t care if more soldiers sacrifice their lives neither they care Kashmir being more alienated from rest of the India. Communal harmony is not their preference indeed.
Second is who demand for the democratic solution avoiding the war and condemning the terror attack on convoy and mob violence against Kashmiris equally. The first group immediately declares the second group as anti-national. The third group comprises of those who choose or pretend to
remain unaware, thinking it’s a “sensitive” issue. Communal
harmony is already on stake in India.
The statement of reality is that whatever is happening persistently on the paradise of the earth (kashmir) and kashmiris only the impeccable civilians are at the persistent loss. The perception of every kashmiri is that Where is UNO ,where is Veto power. Yes This is only a theory and mentioned only in books for students reading purpose nothing else than that. Since How long Kashmir will resist such brutal things. Aren’t we humans. Dear Indian Government Try to understand the worth of peace and Non violence and Apply this mantra or syrup for better situation .
At last but not least please do not forget the phrase violence begets violence and hate begets hate .This needs to be stopped to avoid any further damage. Maintaining amicable relationships during crisis should be country’s or Govt’s agenda. Stop it here before it reaches point of No Return.

Peace is not made at the council table or by treaties, but in the hearts of men.