“”Is Election and Voting more precious than Human lives

“”is Election and Voting more precious than Human lives””

Showkat Dar and Zubair Ahmad

Let me hit the road straight about the bloody election At Handwara in North kashmir where 7 yrs old boy namely Owais from Manigam Langate area became a victim of election massacre and democracy.
It has been rightly said that Death keeps no calendar but in kashmir every death has now fixed and decided Calender during the time of political rallies,Political Campaign voting  days etc and the symbol over substance is that the credit goes to the BJP who dont have any peaceful method and red pencil polcy for Kashmir .Kashmir is a land of hartals and perpetual killing and unrest.Is vote, election more precious than the human lives. The greatest resource on the earth is Human resource without it is absent their is no world and planet at all. Every Holy scripture defined the utmost importance of the human beings on the blue planet. Now its crystal clear that bullet is stronger than ballot.You get astonished why i am talking like that its all just because of that I am human being with emotions. On 11th april The day of Election turned into Bloodshed and maintains the proverb where the blood is monotonous a settlement is known as Kashmir. Everyday kashmir is witness to blood shed as it lives in bloodshed and dies in bloodshed. Now the term Peace changed its definition its  presence of war and bloodshed not like absence of war and bloodshed. Yes i am talking about My innocent brother owais from manigam Handwara who became a victim of election or voting massacre. 

For the entire day the phase one of the Lok Sabha elections were peaceful. As the officials started closing the EVMs, there was tension in Handwara where one minor boy was reportedly killed. 

With elections kicking off in India, New Delhi has intensified its
crackdown in the Kashmir region. On April 11, on the day of
polling in the baramulla consistuency. A class seventh student Owais Ahmad was killed in
Forces pellet firing in Mandigam village of Langate area of
north Kashmir’s Kupwara district, the residents of the village
Friday demanded a thorough probe into the killing and stern
Punishment to force personnel involved in minor’s killing.
People in large numbers visited the house of Owais today to express their sympathies and solidarity with the family over
killing of minor boy in forces pellet firing yesterday evening.
They said Owais was innocent and not involved in stone
pelting. He was targeted by the forces personnel outside his
Owais was outside his home and playing with his friends. The
Forces personnel fired pellets at him from point blank range,
causing severe injuries to him in head, skull, chest and face.
The boy later died while being shifted to the hospital, the locals said. The neighbours of Owais said those at the helm should
investigate the matter thoroughly and award stern ppunishment to the force personnel for killing minor boy.

“A judicial probe must be ordered into the killing and the culprits should be booked and punished,” they said. Owais’s father said, “We have seen such kind of situation in
the Valley. Many youth have been killed so far but no action
has been taken against force personnel. Authorities had ordered probe into many civilian killings but the inquiries did
not yield any result and none was punished.

Meanwhile, a complete shutdown was observed in Manigam
village and adjacent village of Langate today to protest killing
of class 7th student.
All the shops and business establishments remained closed
while traffic was also thin on the roads…

Owais killing adds blood to the day-long peaceful exercise
that, according to officials saw the participation of more than 34.6 per cent of the electors of the north Kashmir’s Baramulla
Lok Sabha constituency. This segment has 15 assembly seats
and is spread over districts of Kupwara, Baramulla and
Bandipore. It has three of its assembly segments located on
The Line of Control – Gurez (Bandipore), Uri (Baramulla) and
Karnah (Kupwara). All the border belts participated in huge
numbers. Interestingly, however, the 2014 participation was better at 39.6 per cent. The district wise current participation was 24.02 per cent for Baramulla, 31.83 per cent for Bandipore and 51.7 per cent for Kupwara. All the three districts had better
participation in 2014 with Kupwara topping the list at 63 percent.
Despite the vastness of the constituency, its epicentre was in
Kupwara, mostly in the Handwara-Langate belts which are
close to each other. It was because Sajjad Lone’s
peoples Conference is primarily based in Handwara and
Engineer Rasheed has been representing Langate for the last
two terms. At a few places, there were reports of stone pelting as well. These include Palhalan and a few areas in Rafiabad. Reports said that SMHS received at least three cases of pellet injuries
which were treated.

During the peak campaigning, it was said that the main contest is between the National Conference’s Mohammad
Akbar Lone and Peoples Conference. But the voting pattern
suggested that it might be a square contest with Engineer
Rasheed and PDP candidate also in the ring.

“I think the first time voters have helped Rasheed in great
numbers,” one voter who had gone from Srinagar to vote said.

“He represents the sentiment but lacked a strategy to the
extent that at most of the polling stations, he had no polling agents but still people voted.” The voter said that the sentiment was so strong that “in one area, NC drove the
voters to the polling station but they voted for Engineer.”
Even at places where Engineer had not gone, there were voters
who said they had voted for him. It might be his social media
reach that might have helped him to an extent.

Handwara like its adjacent belts has always voted in huge
numbers. On Thursday, however, there were not many
Serpentine lines but voters came in small groups, voted and
left. In fact, the political parties had hired a number of vehicles
To drive the voters – especially women to the polling booths,
and after voting dropping them at home.

The polling was brisk in Kupwara, Handawara and Langate. But the crowds started thinning as one took the Rafiabad road
For Baramulla. There were quite a few people in polling
stations and around them in most of the Rafiabad belt. In
Baramulla, it was almost deserted and Sopore was exhibiting
the same traditional boycott that is usually seen in all kind of
elections. Even in Sangrama, there were not many voters in
The polling stations. Unlike Palhalan, there were lot many voters in long lines in Pattan.

Tangmarg was slightly better. The lines were mostly of the young men and they were flaunting their indelible ink marks on their fingers and insisting they voted for Engineer Rasheed.

In Sevar village of Lolab and the Manan wanis area scene was unlike Panchayat polls
when people stayed indoors, this time there was brisk polling
As people wanted to keep BJP out. “We don’t want our kids to
be killed by bullets and pellets,” said a local.

Dear india  i am not anti india At least The govt should stop this bloodshed in kashmir.Election is not more than human lives.Hence human blood can not use for election win win system Here in kashmir Blood is monotonus This should be stopped before it reaches point of no return.Yes its politicians who start wars not the military. 

sum up :When elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers most.Yes For people these politicians became of murderers and pirates in order to gain more and more Political  power. Yes present political system is responsible for all this unrest in kashmir.This is common thinking of every Kashmiri.Lets stop this bloodshed and lets give a peace chance here.India and its Military forces must be intelligent to realize the importance of human life and refuse to act negatively .
Dear india We want Kashmir in peace not in Pieces.Untill and unless this bloodshed situation cant be stopped in kashmir than the common people every child would rise up in arms against those perpetrators of bloodshed and have a befitting revenge..

Dear india come and see the blood through the streets come and see if this bloodshed cant be stooped before point of no return than their every dead child rises a gun with eyes but from every crime are born bullets.
.Hello indian army and chowkidar stop this all and lets give a peace chance here because only we kashmiris are bearing the loss.

Writers Dar showkat and Zubair Ahmad from