Edit 25 January, 2021 on death of Bakerwal Children

Shocking Death of Bakerwal Children due to harsh cold 

In an tragic event that took place in Kulgam some days back two Bakerwal Children died in their tents due to harsh cold weather .Officials said that a bakerwal family of Reasi had set up shelter (Tent) under open sky in the Brenal Lammar area. During the Saturday night one of their minor children, identified as Sahil Zubair (10 years old), passed away due to severe cold inside the tent.
Officials added that after a day passed, during the intervening night of Sunday-Monday, another child of Zubair Ahmad Mandar namely Shazia who was just 6 years old, developed complications due to the frosty weather.
The family immediately shifted her to a nearby healthcare facility but had passed away on the way, officials added.
 As per reports, Tehsildar Devsar had provided them blankets and food after they refused to take shelter at a nearby school of the area. 
It is pertinent to remind ourselves that the nomadic community in Kashmir keeps moving from summer pastures of Kashmir to winter pastures of the Jammu plains every year.

 The community has asked the administration to provide basic facilities to the nomads on the move to stop such incidents.The death of these two children caused great pain and uproar in the Kashmir , with calls of having a collective introspection growing louder .
It is heart wrenching that still many marganilised sections in the society suffer due to cold and other weather vagaries . The need of the hour is that both society and Authorities step in to help those in need . Gujjar and Bakerwal community should be providing housing facilities .