Dark Winter

Dark Winter 

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The harsh winter of Kashmir is known for its chill and heavy snowfalls. This year the winter has knocked on the doors of the Kashmir valley very early.  The global predictions are that winters in this season throughout the world are going to be harsher .The presence of electricity is what makes life comfortable to a large extent during the winter months. Everything runs on electricity these days and from child to elder everyone requires electricity to spend life in a easy manner .Kashmir valley has seen the problem of electricity or power getting much worse as soon as the winter dawns. This year too from many years of the Kashmir valley we are coming to know about long power cuts, causing much distress to the masses. 
It is learnt that both metered and non-metered areas in Kashmir have started witnessing extended unscheduled power cuts, despite the fact that Kashmir Power Development Corporation Limited (KPDCL) announced a load shedding program of 1.5 hours in metered areas and 3 hours in non-metered areas.

Even in the urban hub of Srinagar there are multiple reports of power cuts from different areas and it is the need of the hour to look into this problem in a very serious way.  The authorities need to devise a plan and strategy so that people of Kashmir during this long and harsh winter see minimum power cuts. 

Although in an optimistic development, In order to ensure adequate electricity to the consumers, the Kashmir Power Distribution Corporation Limited (KPDCL) has suspended all the maintenance works till next two months, thus simultaneously the frequent power shutdowns will no longer be witnessed till January 2022 end.

Gulzar Ahmad , a commoner states :” In this day and age we need electricity to carry out our life activities in a smooth manner. Without electricity we can’t afford a comfortable life as life without it especially in a harsh winter like Kashmir becomes hell.We need power to carry out our lives smoothly and are hopeful that those at helm of affairs would ensure round the clock electricity availablity.”
The need of the hour is that we ensure round the clock electricity availablity in Kashmir.

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