Suicide is not an option


By: Syed Mustafa Ahmad Haji Bagh, Zainakote The writer teaches at Al-Huda Coaching Centre, Mustafabad, Umerabad, Zainakote
Taking one’s life is not in the hands of a person, because his or her life is not his or her own, but it is a gift from Allah. Yes, it is a fact that God has made  us thinking human beings, but it doesn’t mean that a man is going to trespass all the limitations set by Him. Life becomes a burden, when people go against the divine rules and begin to live in their own-made illusionary worlds. In this way,  like in case of Robert Lee  Frost, who found himself at the two crossroads, however, we find ourselves at many crossroads, that make our life gloomy and there seems no light at the end of the tunnel.       Since time immemorial, the main aim of the mortal life has been comfort or happiness. For the sake of comfort, many comforts are sacrificed. Reaching the present situation and its demands, materialistic love has become the necessary aim of life. Politics, economics, society, morality, religion, etc., are subordinate to money. One who fails in earning or getting this, by hook or crook, is considered as a failure. Being a failure, he or she has no option but to end his or life because for living, he has no money to survive. In the following lines, we will try to understand that how can a person abstain from taking his or her life.       The first is understand yourselves. Our marvellous bodies don’t only have the need for material things. Instead, it needs something best and long lasting. If we look closely at ourselves, there are cent per cent chances that we will come across a reality that makes material things the secondary priority, while contentment and peace occupy the top most position. This is the first way to abstain from taking one’s life.       The second is the nature of lifetime. It is temporary in nature. Those things that are temporary in nature, should not be loved at the cost of permanent things. When the world is for a lesser time, why should a person go on loving it forever. It is the silliest thing to be done. A sane person never does these things, but ponder over things and never think of taking his or her life, for the sake of little comfort. However, it does not mean that there should be no comfort at all. Subsistence things are necessary.       The third is imitation. Stop imitating those who believe that this world is the only place to live. After death, whether a person is cremated or buried, it means nothing. They indulge in every kind of merrymaking and don’t think of anything else. However, in our case, we have under a scrutiny. We can never escape from the watchful eyes. So, ours case is totally different. If we follow them, we will surely fall in the depths of despair and taking our lives, will remain an only solution for us.        The fourth and last is relationships. We are the product of relationships. It is God, who is above all these things, but we have no escape. Almost all human beings and animals descend from one generation to another. In this scheme of things, every human being and animal are related to each other in their own domains. Moreover, we all have emotions. Mother is the source of emotions. If her son or daughter commits suicide, it means that her emotions are hurt badly and in this way, there are chances that after taking her or his life, it may not find peace again. Like Ibrahim Zauq said that if a person doesn’t get peace after death, where he or she will go.       In short, as said by Socrates that contentment is the biggest wealth. A man must try his best to remain content. Earn money that is enough for him and his family’s needs. Craving for more and more, will make his life hellish and at the end of the day, there will be only path that is the path of hurting himself.