Centre should revisit it’s delimitation exercise in J&K!!!

Centre should revisit it’s delimitation exercise in J&K!!!
Owais Ah Shah
( The Writer is Pursuing PG in Political Science from University of Kashmir.)
The political mainstream has been languishing in a state of moribund since the abrogation of Art 370.The central Govt has created a bureaucracy possible Govt in J&K therefore keeping aside the political spectrum.What is very important to know is that the political mainstream is in a state of hibernation & the humming has drowned out compared to the past political developments.It’s obvious that the regional political parties are reaching out to people,holding party conventions but the principal question is does it suffice to the larger political understanding with the central Govt.The obvious answer to this is,a big No.The inveterate hostilities continue existing between the state & the centre & both parties are not coming to terms with each other.Should we call it an unending political drama or anything else but the public at large has to come under it’s ramifications.
The Central Govt has pushed ahead with it’s objectives for the future development in the erstwhile state of J&K & it’s principal objective now doing rounds in news is the recent delimitation exercise.What is astonishing is that the central Govt has proposed only 1 seat to Kashmir & 6 seats to Jammu.It has flummoxed not the politicians but people at large that how the center has exercised it’s megalomania on the people of Kashmir by deliberately shutting their eyes to them.If the central Govt finds it necessary to do then one can better understand that the future outlook of J&K is terrible.If the center sticks to it’s words & it’s promise made with the people of J&K then such decisions would have not been taken at all. The political disorder in Kashmir needs a surgery which can only be possible if the public representation is given principal importance & the proposition of seats is not done by a very narrow understanding & leaving a majority populated Kashmir at behind.There should be a revisit to the delimitation commission & it must be seriously reflected upon so that divisions are not created as such. 
The best bet for center would be to take the larger public opinion into consideration & not drive wedge between J&K.The seats should be provided according to population which is the fulcrum for delimitation exercise.The politics of bigotry must be shrugged off & the politics of peace & prosperity must be embraced by centre if it has to seriously prepare the ground for elections in J&K.