Power employees strike call of;welcome decision

Power employees strike call of ; welcome decision Recently the Jammu and Kashmir witnessed major crisis as the employees of Power Department went for strike . This resulted in long cuts in power especially in the Kashmir valley which compounded the misery of common masses amid much cold weather .
However in a bright development after that , the J&K administration gave assurance to the four point demands put forth by the All Jammu and Kashmir Power Employees and Engineers Coordination Committee (JKPEECC), the protesting employees of PDD called off their strike. 
The strike from the J&K PDD employees against the merger of the department into the Power Grid Corporation of India (PGCI) and others resulted in the massive power outage in J&K, prompting the administration to break the ice by agreeing to the demands of protesting employees. 
The demands of the protesting employees were given written assurance by the Div Com Dr Raghav Langer, MD JKPDCL Anant  Tayal, and other three officials. 
However, the merger of JKPDD with Grid Corporation of India has also been put on hold by the administration.
After this as result of the assurances to the demands of the protesting employees, the PDD workers have started to help in the restoration of power to the affected areas by repairing the faults and other snags in power lines. One hopes Jammu and Kashmir does not witness any major power crisis in near future.