BJP believes in politics of we: Ghulam Ali Khatana, Rajya Sabha MP

BJP believes in politics of we: Ghulam Ali Khatana, Rajya Sabha MP

Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha), Ghulam Ali Khatana, is an prominent politician of Bhartiya Janta Party BJP in Jammu and Kashmir,  in an exclusive interview with News Kashmir he talks to Editor in chief  Farzana Mumtaz.

Would you able to serve your purpose in Rajya Sabha ?

Rajya Sabha is among the top most institutions of the country. The Constitution empowers the Parliament of India to make laws on the matters reserved for states. However, this can only be done if the Rajya Sabha first passes a resolution by a two-third majority granting such a power to the union parliament.

It has been endeavor since becoming Rajya Sabha member to see to diverse issues of masses of Jammu and Kashmir get solutions and visionary schemes of Government lead by esteemed and popular Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji are implemented on ground. It is the vision of present Government that progress touches every citizen of the country. Be it awareness about forest rights act or seeing progress in all sectors of life here in Jammu and Kashmir, my Rajya Sabha membership would give boost to all these and serve its purpose.

What lead to your journey in the Bhartiya Janta Party?

Before joining the BJP, I use to think in my days as student how Congress at the time of Independence lead by Jawahirlal Nehru  deliberately kept the other side of Jammu and Kashmir under illegal occupation of Pakistan, to keep the boil of divisions and conflict alive. Plus there was not just discrimination between Jammu and Kashmir but different communities within Jammu and Kashmir barring a minor elite class and they suffered equally due to dynasty politics, nepotism and corruption. Youth were engaged in futile and meaningless daily wage system by dynasty parties like Congress, National Conference and PDP thus wasting their primes ,plus there faulty vision  harmed Jammu and Kashmir.

So you felt BJP is answer?

Bhartiya Janta Party is Party which believes first in nation then in Party and at last in self, while as Congress believes in self first ,Party second and nation at last. BJP introduced politics of “we” rather than “I” and has lead an era free from nepotism and elite culture. Sometimes the level of simplicity,  equality and respect of all I see in my Party BJP I feel they have copied all the teachings of Islam. BJP has been an agent of positive change for the country ,while as Congress lead polity was full of nepotism and dynasty.

Would you be able to make BJP a majority Party in Jammu and Kashmir?

Yes we do work as team and would make BJP the majority Party here as it is popularity is growing in entire Jammu and Kashmir.  In this era of social media when thoughts and developments reach from one part of globe to other in matter of minutes ,gone are those days when parties like Congress would be able to play politics of vested interests and selfish nature. 

What demands you mostly see common masses coming up with?

I was in Bandipora district for a public rally , the people there came up with large number of issues related to basic amenities like Road, health and including an area in tourism , providing clean water and upgrading sports infrastructure.  After listening to these so many issues I made pledge to get all these issues solved during my tenure. Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi made a pledge to work for betterment of neglected sections Ike Gujjars ,Paharis and Shias in year 2013 and once in power he has fulfilled his promises. 

I always urge and request Government officers to shun the elitist mentality and connect with people on grassroots and solve their issues. The attitude shown by some Government officers of always in meeting and neglecting hearing to the issues of common people should be shunned. Common masses are boss in democracy.