After Beef what next?


Every Government pushes in a new issue, loads of promises and other things. It’s all same in case of New BJP government in India. After more than a decade congress faced their worst defeat in 2014 that gave birth to Narendra Modi’s Sarkar in the country. As BJP, because of its policies and affiliation with top hindu religious organizations, is always considered as the right wing hindu religious party. Before winning the election through a series of tweets, a televised interview and a media statement, BJP’s Leaders hardened its stand against the other religions including Muslims and Christians. And, soon after their win 600 attacks analyzed by foreign observers, have taken place since they came in power against Muslims and Christians.

However observers believe BJP in every state including Jammu and Kashmir are doing the politics on ‘Beef’ and other such issues in order to distract the attention of the people from the real issues and their promises which they made all over the country during election campaign. It includes providing employment, end corruption, Low prices and other such things. In other words BJP is justifying the beef ban all over India, in some parts they successfully have banned it, like Maharastra.But their Chief minister of Goa have said that the same ‘beef’ is part of diet for the people of his state, Well if he is correct then they should know that it is also part of the diet for the people of Maharashtra and other states where beef has been banned by them or others. Not banning ‘beef’ in Goa has a big political reason because the elections in Goa are yet to arrive and the political analysts believe that if they will ban it in Goa they will definitely lose the election there. It shows that BJP have no guts to ban the beef in Goa.

The newly introduced laws in democratic India are interesting as in Maharashtra carrying a beef burger a person can go in jail for five years but in same Maharashtra for sexual harassment a person will go in jail for three years. In other words, eating a beef burger is greater crime in the Maharashtra BJP Government than carrying out an act of sexual harassment. It seems that this all is distraction as the BJP is encouraging the slaughter house business  they have brought down duties of items used to slaughter cows and bulls.

The other fact in Democratic India is that its present government does not allow its people so that they can eat beef but they can sell it, do business with it, or in other words they can export it to other countries. It was Vajpayee’s (BJP) era when India was on 5th number in producing the beef in the world with numbers 6.3 million tons among which 62 percent was cow meat, 31 percent of this was cattle meat and
all this continued in the years of Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s government. ln first ten months of the new BJP government under the patron-ship of Narinder Modi the exports of beef have gone up. It means that they are encouraging the people in exporting the beef and then they are saying that they are saving religious aspects or in other words they are saving the cows. But, unfortunately they can sell cows and thus they are befooling people , if  BJP is really doing what they said respecting religious sentiments then the Prime Minister should immediately bring an ordinance to ban export of the beef and beef products.

If BJP really wants to ban something in the country which is dangerous then they should ban Alcohol, Drugs and other such things that will be good and welcomed by every social, religious organization of india. If it is the matter of religios and cultural sentiment then why they are
not banning the Fish, because the fish was the Awatara Vishnu. Why don’t they ban mutton because the father of India M.K. Gandhi was a
vegetarian who was loving the goats milk. Why don’t they ban pork and alcohol if it is really the question of religious sensitivities that matters for every Indian then ban pork and alcohol because Muslims don’t approve both any of them. 90 percent of things you will not be able to eat in lndia because my religion or others is against it.

With this beef politics, apart from attacks which are now common in every part of the country A man lives in the UP  whose son is serving the nation ‘India’ was killed by the mob of goons on the bases of a false information. The interesting thing in this killing was that apart from pressuring the police to nab the culprits the  Government and agencies checked the beef in a scientific laboratory just to check whose meat was that. After checking they found the meat was of goat, which means checking the meat was more essential than finding the killers. Here it should be mentioned that still there is no ban on beef in Uttar Pradesh, the killing is not stopped here. Soon after Dadri one more person was killed in Himachal Pardesh.


In Jammu and Kashmir as BJP is the part of government and Beef Politics is there, the thing that was seen their and which made a big debate was when Muslim truck drivers were attacked and burned in their truck while coming from Jammu to Kashmir by fanatic hindu mob near Udhampur, and after some days one among them Zahid was declared dead at a Delhi hospital. Following the Zahid’s death while protesting Yasin Malik JKLF Chairman was assaulted by the forces at Islamabad South Kashmir and many other youth were injured among .  The other thing which happened first time in the history of Kashmir as well as India was when a Muslim law maker Er Rasheed was beaten and dragged by the Hindu Lawmakers of BJP in state assembly in Srinagar. Er Rashed arranged a beef party before the incident happened and after  the supreme court of India allowed eating beef for 2 months which was banned by the high court of Jammu recently. Also, he was attacked by the goons in new Delhi’s Press club of India with the relatives of Zahid after coming from press Conference regarding the Beef party, Zahid’s killing and other things in Kashmir.
Knowing the fact of Unemployment, Poverty and the suicide of farmers is in every corner of India, BJP should focus on such things rather
than making it a communal India. But unfortunately, they are focusing on those things for what people never chose them. Common man in india is suffering a lot, all he need is peace, basic needs of life for which he/she has voted. But same common man is waiting as he knows and has seen politics on visits to foreign countries, Dress Code, Dehli Elections, Bihar Elections, Cease Fire Violation on Borders now BEEF
and what will be Next?



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