Dua (A weapon of a believer), opinion 26 April, 2021 issue.

                        DUA ( A weapon of a believer).By Sufaya Yousuf
It was narrated from Abu Hurayrah (Radiallhu Anhu) that the Messenger of Allah said: “(The Dua) of any one of you will be answered so long as he is not hasty in seeking a response and does not say, ‘I prayed but I have not had a response.Dua is a supplication, communication with Allah, most powerful, most merciful. It is a way through which a believer can make conversation with His master.  We  turn to Almighty Allah because we all know that only He can solve our problems,  only He can fix our broken hearts no one else can ever do this.  Because only He know the secrets of our hearts, the All-knowing, the most-powerful. Dua is a most compelling weapon works only for those who know how to use it sincerely and seriously. We can make dua in any language, when a women is in her menses and also in a state of ceremonial impurity.Allah (SWT) stated in the Holy Quran: “And your Lord says, “Call upon Me; I will respond to you.” Indeed, those who disdain My worship will enter Hell [rendered] contemptible” (Quran, 40:60).Anas reported that Allah’s Messenger visited a person from amongst the Muslims in order to inquire (about his health) who had grown feeble like the chicken. Allah’s Messenger said: Did you supplicate for anything or beg of Him about that? He said: Yes. I used to utter (these words): impose punishment upon me earlier in this world, what Thou art going to impose upon me in the Hereafter. Thereupon Allah’s Messenger said: Hallowed be Allah, you have neither the power nor forbearance to take upon yourself (the burden of His Punishment). Why did you not say this: O Allah, grant us good in the world and good in the Hereafter, and save us from the torment of Fire. He (the Holy Prophet) made this supplication (for him) and he was all right.
— Muslim ibn al-Hajjaj, Sahih Muslim[3]There is no fixed time or place for dua we can make dua at anytime or anywhere. We should try to make dua in every situation because it is only dua which can change one’s destiny. And it’s only dua that can get you closer to Almighty and increase your faith in your Lord. According to Hadith Dua has a uniquely ability to change the destiny.(Tirmidhi)All the Prophets (peace be up on them), as we find in the Quran, restored to supplications, as their ultimate ‘weapon’ to solicit Allah’s help when all their efforts would fail while reforming nations in their respective hostile environment.At the time of battle of Badr, the future of Islam was under threat because a small ill-equipped band of 313 Muslim soldiers faced an army of 1000 well armed. The Prophet (peace be up on him) spent his whole night on the eve of battle in supplicating and begging for help. And on the day Allah grant Muslims the greatest victory of History.In another Hadith it is mentioned that dua is a worship (sunan Abu dawood). Dua is an expression of total dependence on Almighty Allah knowing that every single condition good or bad, happy or sad is in hands of Almighty Allah. Dua is that act which connects a slave to his master. A slave lifts his hands as beggers does while lifting their begging bowls. Sometimes our duas are not being accepted, there is a option that the dua will be accepted later on in this life or in the Hereafter or the dua will be accepted by other means as one Hadith said, Jabir narrates from the Prophet, “Whoever does duaa to Allah, Allah fulfills his seeking or in exchange averts misfortune until the duaa is not related to sin or breaking some relation.” (Tirmidhi)Now a days, we only make dua when hardships befall us and is the last resort when, all else failed. However this should not be the case, we should always make Dua because it is a powerful weapon, it is a light in the darkest hours of our life. Dua is a source of comfort and ease in our difficult conditions. Prophet (saw) said, Whosoever desires that Allah answers his Duas in unfavourable and difficult conditions, he should make plentiful dua in days of ease and comfort.”We should always make dua for everyone because if we do so, the same thing will happen with us too. The Prophet said, ”Duaa for a person not present is accepted quickly by Allah”.May the above information strengthen our resolve for making more duas and may it benefit us in many ways. May Allah increase our knowledge and make this knowledge useful for us Ameen.  By sufaya yousf. Currently pursuing  bachelor at srinager. Sofisufaya1999@gmail.com