Acid attack…A chilling indictment of our society!!!

Owais Ah Shah

The writer is PG student,University of Kashmir.

The recent horrendous & horrid acid attack has yet again brought to fore the question of women security in Kashmir.This is not the first incident but year’s ago a young girl in Srinagar city was also brutally attacked by acid attackers. These are attacks with no end,whatsoever may be the cause & concern.It is an indictment of our society & we need not to only pour condemnation & use harsh words for the attackers but seriously something bigger must be done.

The society has to seriously come together on these grave issues concerning us everyday.Law can’t be the only sovereign remedy to get rid of such crimes where our women folk is easily attacked.There needs to be a calibrated,substantive approach taken up in the society that the crimes are curbed.

The victim of these attacks have to suffer everyday of their life & so does the family.It always keeps on going around & the pain never disappears.This is very cruel & causes anguish among every conscious minded human being.

We may go on pouring condemnation on this & tomorrow everything will be hunky dory.The principal question is that how long will such dregs of humanity move around & put the lives of other’s on peril.How long will our women folk suffer because of the mentally deranged humans.

The recent attack is a reminder for us to wake up from the slumber & take up a stronger fight against this & nip the evil in bud.

The biggest problem we suffer is that we raise fingers at the women.We say they have to be blamed for their dress,for their morals & blab blab but does anyone have the courage to speak up against those people who are taking drugs,moving out late in the night & their families wondering where they are lost.If they are questioned at home for all this nonsense,they beat their parents & abuse them.

We need to do basic counseling of our young generation.We must come together & address these grave social issues.Nobody would dare to do it if the mentality is improved & a healthy social order is created.These crimes will help & will continue to happen,if this society doesn’t understand it seriously.

We can’t imagine how much painful it would be for the victim & her family.It would be eating into their heart & soul.It is heartbreaking for me while writing this piece that how much suffering it would cause.

At the end,may a new dawn break in this society where our sisters,daughter & mother’s can live a life worth living.