77th Independence Day

77th Independence Day
India is a great country known for many best things.
15 August Independence Day is a special day for entire India  when people pay attention or tribute to all of India’s freedom fighters or leaders who fought for freedom. It is a great time when major government buildings are illuminated with fairy lights and tricolor flags, fly over homes and other buildings too. Radio, print, and online media also organize special contests, programs, and articles to promote the day. Films about Indian freedom fighters were also shown on television.
The President gives an “Address to the Nation” on the eve of 15 August Independence Day. The Prime Minister of India raises the Indian flag and delivered a speech at the Red Fort in Old Delhi. Flag-hosting ceremonies and cultural programs are held in the state capitals and are often attended by many schools and organizations. Many people spend the day with family members or close friends. They can have a picnic in a park or private garden, go to the movies, or have lunch or dinner at home or in a restaurant.
There has been curiousty whether this is 76th or 77th Independence day.
The historical context provides insights into this intriguing question. On August 15, 1947, India officially gained its long-awaited independence, culminating in the end of nearly 190 years of British dominance. The initial celebration of this newfound freedom took place on August 15, 1948. Following this line of reasoning, India is set to commemorate its 76th anniversary of Independence.
However, an alternative perspective considers the year 1947 itself as the starting point of India’s independent journey. If one were to count the years from the momentous day that India broke free from British rule, then the completion of 76 years of hard-fought sovereignty would signify that the 15th of August, 2023, is the 77th Independence Day for India.
While both interpretations hold merit the prevailing consensus leans towards designating this occasion as the 76th year of India’s anniversary of independence, while acknowledging that it marks the 77th year since the nation’s liberation in 1947.
India has come off age in past 77 years to be among the leading nations of the world.
became one of the biggest democracies in the world. After more than 77 years of gaining independence, India has walked a long way. India as a nation  has  built a surplus economy and defiled evil forces from within to remain a democracy. The country has also become one of the most celebrated science and technology hubs.
Expert pulse is From being an education hub of the world in ancient times to becoming the IT hub of the world today, the Indian landscape has come a long way. Taking 15th August 1947 as our frame of reference, we find that there are several fields like Science and Technology, economy, and human development where India has shown remarkable progress. However, some fields like health and education still seem to be taken care of.
It is a proud moment for all of us that India is now the largest democracy of world.