Red Line

23 , November 2020 Cover

Red Line
News Kashmir Exclusive
The borders between India and Pakistan are once again heating up especially the Line of Control .All this is giving rise to tremendous human tragedies . Recently, In a major flare-up along the Line of Control, eleven people including five soldiers were killed in ceasefire violations by Pakistani troops in several areas in north Jammu and Kashmir  officials said.
Four soldiers of the army, a Border Security Force (BSF) sub-inspector were killed in Pakistani firing, the officials said. Six civilians were also killed in various areas, news agency PTI reported. Pakistani forces used mortars and other weapons.
Indian forces strongly retaliated to the shelling and army sources said there have been multiple casualties on the Pakistani side.
On its part,The Pakistan military said four civilians and one soldier were killed on the Pakistani side.
Pakistan fired heavy artillery without any provocation, but the Army and the BSF fought with bravery, gave a befitting response to them and many defences (installations) of Pakistan were destroyed,” Inspector General of BSF, Kashmir Rajesh Mishra said.

He was speaking to reporters on the sidelines of the wreath-laying ceremony of BSF Sub-Inspector Rakesh Doval, who was killed in the Pakistani firing.

Mushtaq ul Haq Sikander, an eminent political analyst stated ,while talking to the News Kashmir :  “The recent skirmishes at border resulted in a number of deaths. The flare up on border between India and Pakistan is not something new. It has been going on since the partition of the subcontinent and birth of Kashmir dispute. In this violence the civilians and residents of these border area are the worst casualties. They are daily paying the price of the hostility between India and Pakistan. Before it is too late and the violence consumes more lives it is better to initiate a dialogue between the two nations that will pave way towards lasting peace. Unless concrete confidence building measures are not put in place, the violence will continue to engulf and devour the civilians. The borders will continue to bleed and certainly the common innocent people are paying the price of this violence with their blood.”