“Wed In India”, cover story 11 March, 2024

” Wed in India”
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In a progressive development for entire country, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on 7th March, 2024  Thursday his next mission is “Wed in India”. Speaking at the ‘Viksit Bharat, Viksit Jammu & Kashmir’ programme in Srinagar, the Prime Minister urged the citizens of India to avoid hosting weddings abroad.
As a matter of fact, People should host weddings in India…If people feel like coming to J&K and hosting weddings…do their booking here, stay here for three days and spend lavishly here so that people of Jammu and Kashmir also get their livelihood,” PM Modi said on Thursday.
It is worth mentioning here that Modi mentioned his “Wed in India” initiative for the first time during a Mann ki Baat episode on November 26, 2023. He said, “If we celebrate the festivities of marriages on Indian soil… the country’s money will remain in the country…The people of the country will get an opportunity to render some service…even poor people will tell their children about that occasion.
Luxury hotels in India offer wedding packages going up to several crores. The most popular desi wedding venues include Rajasthan, especially lake city Udaipur, Jodhpur and Goa. Recently, the Government has started meetings with wedding industry stakeholders like hotel operators to finalise the contours of the campaign.
The expert pulse is that The Prime Minister’s advocacy for ‘Wed in India’ is a part of a broader vision to enhance the economic and social development of Jammu and Kashmir, which he described as the crown jewel of India. PMs call for a developed Jammu and Kashmir as a priority underscores the region’s significance in the nation’s progress.
The call of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Wed in India is yielding magical results with one of richest Indian Mukesh Ambani going for wedding of his son Anant Ambani at Jamnagar Gujarat.
 Mukesh Ambani’s approach to the big fat Indian wedding has been noted by Time, describing the three-day event as a “next level” celebration.
“As big fat Indian weddings go, Asia’s richest man Mukesh Ambani knows how to take it to the next level. While the wedding itself will not take place until July, a three-day pre-wedding celebration begins on Friday, March 1 in the family’s refinery township of Jamnagar in the Indian state of Gujarat. Some of the biggest names in Wall Street, Silicon Valley, and the entertainment industry are on the guest list,” Time wrote.
Without a doubt the dream and fervent call of making India a top global wedding destination is bearing its fruits.