Dr. Vivek Gupta Interview

Dr. Vivek Gupta interview
Dr.Vivek Gupta – prominent  Neurointerventional Radiologist in Fortis  Mohali in an exclusive interview with the News Kashmir talks to Rameez Makhdoomi.
Tell us a bit about Neurological interventions ?
The Neurological intervention is a new technique of repairing the blood vessels of brain without opening the brain, similar to manner in which cardiologists repair heart arteries and  vessels without opening heart. It is operating brain without opening it.
What is the cost of this surgery?
The minimum cost is 4 to 5 lac and it can go to even 15 lac ,so it is still slightly costly.
How many days patients stay in hospital?
In case of Neurological interventions the patient comes a day prior of Neurological intervention, and within 2 to 3 days is discharged.
Any precautions for patients after Neurological interventions?
Generally there are no major  precautions ,and within 5 days patients can resume there normal life and in some cases blood thinners are prescribed and asked to avoid contact sports like Swimming for sometime in order to avoid injury.
Do you believe dearth of Neurological intervention experts is there in India ?
Yes there is dearth of Neurological intervention experts in India and centers, but with passing time the experts and centers are increasing and it will improve with the time .
Do you believe there is increase in brain Haemorage cases in Young ?
Yes the cases are increasing and it could be due to varied factors especially lifestyle changes.  Many youth consume lot of junk food, do very little exercise, sit whole day in front of computers and this causes raise in blood pressure and thus increase in brain Haemorage cases.
Your message for healthy brain ?
My message is eat healthy and do often exercises ,shun lethargic lifestyle and remain active .