Use electricity Judiciously : Ajaz Ahmad Dar, Chief Engineer KPDCL

 Use electricity Judiciously :  Ajaz Ahmad Dar, Chief Engineer KPDCL 

Chief Engineer Kashmir Power Distribution Corporation Limited (KPDCL), Ajaz Ahmad Dar in an exclusive interview with the News Kashmir Magazine talks to Rameez Makhdoomi and Farzana Mumtaz 
Why has Curtailment increased from October and worsened in November ?There was almost no Curtailment in October Month in Srinagar City and District Headquarters,and we gave power supply for about 23 hours and sometimes for one hour there was curtailment due to repairing work . This 23 hour power supply continued till ending October ,but there was slightly more curtailment in North Kashmir and Central Kashmir .We in area like Buchpora are having more prolonged Curtailment especially since beginning of November?In Buchpora we have both metered and non metered consumers and metered have three hours curtailment  while non metered have four hours . If it is exceeding we would look into this .You will have to understand that come winters people use profusely heating gadgets as a result extra loading .So we will have to review Curtailment .
Covid Pandemic is ragging and people need electricity to maintain oxygen to loved ones ?We have been looking into this matter since March especially since Home Quarantine for patients  started .I requested people through press and other mediums to avoid using heating gadgets and sophisticated gadgets which has put heavy load .People are not listening .We are trying our best as during this time last year Curtailment ranged from 7 to 8 hours .
You have highlighted towards judicious use of Electricity, doesn’t it require more surprise inspection of homes  ?Through our Twitter, Facebook  accounts of all divisions we share images of our teams inspecting and in one division fifty to sixty inspection carried and about 2000 inspection carried in day wherein high voltage gadgets like Heaters and boilers are seized  .
Why often repairs  in  winters only not in summers ?With the exception of Srinagar all our transmission lines pass through paddy fields and Fruit orchards as a result repairing of lines and other things is possible in summers in Srinagar only and in winters thus rural areas witness more power shutdowns .
What about smart meters; has work been stopped?Smart meters installing is a continuous process.Actually two lac were approved for union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir .One lac for Jammu and one lac for Srinagar. We have funding available  for 57.5 thousand and attending 37 feeders in this regard ,which have already cables installed and meter compailaint .The executive agency of Government in this regard is RECPDCL ,they have committed to us they will start installing them from 15 November .The consumer via this will know how much he is consuming per hour and how much money is deducting and it will work on same parlance as mobile recharging .The consumer will get extra cushion as he will be given alarm before 48 hours when his recharge is about to finish .
The consumer should welcome this,this  is basically a system reform  .There voltage will improve  . The HT and LT is being changed and  improved and huge transformers replaced by small one ,plus proper accounting taking place .
Line man especially of PDD often get electrocuted while repairing causing deaths too  ?This often happens only due to violation of Standard operating Procedures .We have devised a proper plan for how to go without HT ,LT and EHT repair plan and how shutdown would be done and work undertaken  and with this road map being implemented soon these tragic incidents  would be history.
Is it likely that Curtailment will go up ?Yes if we would be overloaded beyond our load generation the Curtailment would certainly go up and we would be forced to raise curtailment hours .You have to remember it is still 3 hours ,while as last year during this time it was 8 hours .What is your message ?My only message is that use electricity judiciously .You can use geyser for limited time in night and stop using crude boilers and heaters .And use blowers only where elderly are .Use conventional heating gadgets in other rooms and use electricity within their agreements .People should not use illegal hooks .Lot of unease was among employees of PDD soon after JK became UT .Have they adjusted now ?I and my colleagues have accepted the change .In all parts of the Country it is a corporation and we have to give our best efforts and make it profitable .This positive message has gone from bottom to top.