Traffic Jams in Kashmir

Despite Kashmir roads once known for having very less congestion are now a story of jams, jams and more jams. The traffic on frequent roads of Kashmir gets now locked for hours and as a result commuters, critical patients face lot of problems. This traffic jams in Kashmir cause many delays to masses to reach to their respective destinations. We are also very well aware that our traffic department is facing dearth of human resource and are not able to properly look after this jam problem as a result this has become a menace.
As we are very well aware that traffic jam has become one of the major problems in our state and residents now spend hours stuck in traffic in the srinagar like city . Traffic congestion in many places of the state is also becoming severe with every passing day . One possible solution to this grave problem is to impose heavy taxes on car drivers and use this money to make public transport better
The sane voices are calling upon the government to frame a strategy so as to counter the frequent occurrence of traffic jams does not put them to more troubles .The realities call that time is ripe to address this grave traffic jam problem before it gets out of hand and public begins to lose its patience.