Shazia Ahmad Bhat-Excellent Fashion Blogger

Shazia Ahmad  Bhat – Excellent Fashion Blogger 

Mir Sabeen Gulrez

“The world for a Social Blogger is hectic, there is alot  of work that goes behind making it famous, one needs both Passion and Perservance to become a successful fashion blogger”, said Shazia. Shazia Ahmad Bhat 25, who was a B. tech Civil student made a benchmark in Fashion Blogging/ Content Writing . 

Being a blogger she always loved the way what she was doing without thinking what society will say. Many youngsters from the Valley over the past years have been seen doing marvellous trend setting jobs when it comes to be for Fashion Sense Or being a trend setter for society. 

Shazia after completing her B. Tech went to Jaipur where she collaborated with big brands like LetsPurPle, Jaipur Kurti, Reliance Trends, Blueberry, Bunaai, and many more. 

” I love fashion and creating styling outfits, it’s my passion”, she added. 

In an exclusive interview with News Kashmir Magazine Shazia said, “I am a Fashion blogger /content creator/infulencer and I love the way I am giving the best content to society”.

 Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I am Shazia Bhat, I am a Fashion blogger /content creator/infulencer.

Why are you pursuing a career as  a fashion blogger/ content writter?

I am hoping to become a good  fashion blogger for a ethnic culture!

 What are your aspirations for your fashion blogger/ Content writter?

 I love fashion .I love creating and styling outfits.i also have several ideas for business ,My passion for fashion as well business !

What inspires you as a fashion blogger/ content writter?

No Annoying stuff ,

I love being honest with my blog  and love to see when people appreciate my dressing sense !

How do you handle taunts and and other type of critics as a fashion blogger/ content writter?

Be yourself ,To be a fashion blogger you need to know a lot of things about fashion,There is a lot of work that goes that goes behind making it famous ,you’ll need both passion & preserverance in order to become a successful fashion Blogger !

What experience do you have in fashion blogging / content writing?

The scope of fashion influencer in kashmir is increasing day by day as social media platforms are great way to promote the product ,There are various brands who want to collaboration with the socail media influencer !

What is your greatest strength as a professional?

Promotion of Kashmiri culture as well as ethnic culture!

8.What experience do you have in fashion blogging / content writing?

I somehow still love designing clothes & studying anything to do with fashion!

Collaboration is a popular event in the fashion blogging ,fashion bloggers are often invited by big brands into various events and are asked to cover the event & write about it!Brands are collaborating with me !so that i can easily promote their products on my social media !

Any message for youth?

Message for youth Is this ,”if you have any talent then don’t waste your talent at home. 

And last work hard because after every successful work is posible through hardwork.So, give your best and you will receive best.

Be honest with your work !