We shall fight Rape!!!

We shall fight Rape!!!
Owais Ahmad Shah

Rape is such an offence which causes the victim and the family to suffer for all the life where the victim is totally an innocent party. It is one of the most horrid and barbaric crimes which makes the whole life of a victim hell,several cases come to the spotlight where the victim prefers to commit suicide than to live in this world.In many cases,the victim is refused to be accepted as a normal member in the society.Rape is a worldwide phenomenon,whatsoever reasons might be behind it, social,religious or in wars,it carries the same crushing shame,anger and emotional trauma.
No real sympathy for the victim but only shouting slogans,putting up placards,bandh done to keep her silent.
The victim has to further suffer physically,sociologically and psychologically.
According to the Home ministry’s National Crime Research Records Bureau annual report 2016,338954cases against women have been reported,out of which 38947 are rape cases.This is up from 309546 reported incidents of violence against women in 2013.
Ample of cases go unreported due to political influence or the family not willing to expose the horror in police stations.In our society,if a girl is raped,her marriage offers are all burnt to ashes and the victim has to live the life of disgrace and shame.
In the recent past,spate of rape related crimes have come to spotlight.People have expressed their outrage and the culprits have also been put behind bars.
The year 2012 gang rape of a pharmacist girl is still haunting us but what happened later,did rape stop.The crime rate went from higher to highest.
In the recent past,Asifa rape and murder also brought us together.
There is a one-liner about Indian legal system which says that”We have laws but what do our laws do for us”.
Researchers state many reasons for the failure of curbing rape like horrific crime in india.One of the reasons is inadequate participation in electoral politics and loss of opportunity at national Assembly for passing laws that will address the crime properly.In India we have 48% female population and they have only 13% participation in electoral politics.
It would have been epoch-making in the year 2010,if the bill for two third participation of women at national level would have not been slapped down by lower house of the parliament.The then PM,Dr Manmohan Singh termed the bill as the emancipation for the rights of women.
The NDA led govt in 2018 rung changes on the existing sexual offences act but the crime rate is unstoppable.
One of the things that can be done to curb the menace is to allow women an adequate space at the national level for passing laws and making it sure that rape is curbed.
The legal system must act at fast track basis to bring the culprit to justice.
Let us take pledge in unison to fight till our last breath for safeguarding our girls against the malignant outlook of rapists.
Let the legislature,executive and judiciary come together for a better proposal so that in future we will have no shameful incident of rape.