Syed Mustafa Ahmad

Many persons leave this ephemeral world with nothing in their hands;But their common legacy is common and the influence of that legacy entitles them to be called the truest brands.They come into this world without  any kind of noise and sound;But their internal is so violent that they take the fertile grounds of this world for the barren sands.Saiffuddin Shah was one of a gem of intellect from Soibugh with influence all around;Because if he was silent, there would be always be a tune playing on in his presence and we used to call it the best sound.His intellect was so deep that he could be at par with the scholars of this planet;But  his intellectualism made him so unique that he became a misfit in this ritualistic society and was played like merry go round and round.His advise was that the present moment is the best moment , should be utilized  carefully;Because he was at the topmost stage of self-realization and could not afford to lose any moment and hated the word “bully”.He always utilized his time in the world of many truths, Because according to him, the truths were  many and for him, the lost of a moment brought a doomsday scenario, even if the world looks sunny.Humanity was present deep in his veins and never tolerated narrow-mindedness and sectarianism;Because his status didn’t teach him to judge people on the basis of physical appearances and some verbal uttering but on the basis of the truest realism.He had the knowledge of this world and the hereafter;And tried his best to soothe every kind of people with many methods , sometimes logical and sometimes going for the mysticism.His world was the world of sufferings deliberately inflicted upon himself;Because when a person gets acquainted with the truest nature of this world, he or she hates to live but go on killing himself or herself.He never craved for the worldly material through his words;But always tried to keep going on so that all the truest things are on the shelf.He left the government job ,only to know himself and this ephemeral world in its totality;Because according to him, the readymade presence of money always acted, acts and will act as an obstacle in the way of satiety.Money was never his concern and so left to be the prayer leader in the local masjid;Because the orthodox Molvis were, are and will be corrupted ,always trying to put their dirty hands in the dirtiest royalties like  the Moulana  royalty.Ringing of bells in the dead of the nights is not an easy thing to say;Because this is the stage that forces a person to remain among the people but at the bay.The frog of a small well can never tolerate the divine signs and their impact;Because it needs a heart of the stone with no chances of melting and then there are the chances to get the truest way.Divine mercy comes in every form and every time but for him, there was everything unique and peculiar in reality and substance;Because a person who knows the divine mercy in its real form ,can never be at solace but always tense.We call our creator the most merciful but the real mercy is avoiding us day by day;Because we never stop for a moment to ponder over this mercy word but it was an attribute of Saiful Hasan that allowed him to look over the fence.He was well-known for his frankness and straightforwardness in the whole village;Because his slogan says that nothing is possible, if you are sluggish but go out for tillage.There is a lot of difference between his frankness and the frankness of ours;Because we call the frankness to be a champion of double talk but for our beloved teacher, it means to be on the way of running whatever be the mileage.He remained hungry to feed others in the long run;But he never expressed it because the knower tries to remain silent and hates to call it a fun.He knew that this belly never gets full and demands more and more after having the cherished meal;And he also knew it that wearing so called the branded clothes could never make you the truest person but only the son of a demon.He never cursed the devil in the real sense but made him to fall in the line of prostration;Because the devil himself knows that the person like him didn’t know about any kind of false imitation.Many sizes of devils were made to lick his feet in a broad daylight;But he never made it an issue ,instead he took it as a gift from the creator and bowed his head down in submission, only to know His creation.His whole life is an embodiment of all virtues but nobody knows him today;Because we are used to look at the superficial things that cheat people, particularly on Friday.Why don’t the common people know him in this tense situation?It is because that the new prophets are coming everyday and preaching the gullible people that everyday is a doomsday.

SYED MUSTAFA AHMAD.Hajibagh, Zainakote