Political empowerment of women must for Human progress : Rekha Mody

Political empowerment of women must for Human progress : Rekha Mody 

Rekha Mody is a prominent women face of India and a well known social activist the founder of Stree Shakti – The Parallel Force. Her organization fights for ensuring women Empowerment,  especially the political empowerment in terms of reservations in Assemblies and parliament of country .

In an exclusive interview with News Kashmir,  she talks to Rameez Makhdoomi and Farzana Mumtaz. 

What is the main focus areas of your organization?

Our main focus of the organization  is equality for women and for that we work in three  areas .The first is visibility of  leadership of Women who can be Thinker,  Doctor , Writer,  etc. The second is issue of ageing women and the third is political empowerment.  Without political empowerment of women we can’t acheive desired human progress. When women is not empowered it makes both men and women also children unhappy. For society to progress in right direction women have to be politically empowered and we are fighting for this. 

Your organization   also fighting for women reservation in Assembly , a bit about that?

After the Panchayat reservation dimension in 1993 there were  issues . Prajapati and Bahu beti brigade like things but things are changing towards better and with time good leaders are coming and things are changing for better for women .

Is Patriachy losing its grip in Indian society ?

We have to acknowledge that we were not a patriarchal society if we go to Vedic period , women choose their life partner and women were educated and many other good  things  . But due to several factors the patriarchy crept in and many invasions lead to Augmentation of patriarchy in our society .

Is your organization also fighting on rising crimes like rapes against women ?

No we are not dealing on such aspects as there are many other organizations fighting on women safety,  our focus is mainly political empowerment of women. 

Do you believe that political reservation you are fighting in assemblies and parliament would be a reality one day?

I am 100 percent sure that it would be reality soon and when our government is talking of 100 trillion dollar economy it can’t happen unless both men and women contribute equally. 

In post pandemic what role of women do you see in social and political revival of the country ?

Everyone has to play his or her role in revival of economy and infrastructure in the country especially in the post pandemic times. During the hard times of Pandemic it was revealed to us we need more medical colleges in the country to combat pandemics and disasters. 

What is your take of women position  in corporate world?

In entire world majority of companies are not giving them due role. Sometimes women also don’t want distant transfers due to family issues that also hinders their progress. 

Do you believe that women are mostly remote controlled by men relatives in politics ?

No this is not the reality as women are smart and make excellent independent decisions often when in power .

Do you believe that women also aid patriarchy?

No it is just a small percentage of women that aid patriarchy  but overall I believe  majority humans are good .

Do you believe we need to believe that both men and women can be good as well as bad  human ?

Yes absolutely  there is certain degree of men in every women and certain degree of women in every man so both as humans can be good or ok or bad .

What is your message to women of India ?

In India the sacrifice is part of our value system and thus focus is women to be better mother and nurture her children as good humans . When we raise our children as good humans tendency towards evil phenomenon would be less .