Open Educational Institutions Now


By: Syed Mustafa Ahmad
A long time has passed since the students were to academic institutions. Now, it has become necessary to open them. Many students have lost touch with their studies and are less bothered about their studies. They believe that it will take a long time for institutions to open. Let us live a free life. Online education formalities are fulfilled, why to take more pains. It is in this perspective, I want educational institutions to start working. Proper behavior should be maintained strictly. For it, some harsh measures must be taken in order to let students attend institutions in a proper manner.       Why there is dire need of opening of institutions, is the theme of my article. Everywhere I see students have become everything but have not remained students. Surfing the Net and playing offline and online games, in addition to online classes, have made reasonable people to get frustrated, without any power in their hands. Now, some ray of hope lies in opening the institutions so that they get isolated from smart phones for some time and breathe freely and in reality.       The first cause is isolation. Smart phones have isolated them from surroundings as well as from themselves. In society, where we are supposed to live harmoniously, students have renounced the society and are living in their own constructed worlds, where socialization has no entry.       The second is health problems. Both physically, emotionally and psychologically, students have fallen ill. In other words, they are sick. No physical movements, emotional disturbances due to the material available on the Internet and imitating those people or things whom he or she likes, has made our students’ lives hellish. To be smart means to live practical life. But enjoying in virtual world, means unhealthy practices.       The third is careers. In this fashion, the careers of students are at stake. Physical classes have human touch, though they are archaic. We human beings need human attitude. Artificial Intelligence, Algorithm and Cloud Computing can make our lives comfortable but they lack human empathy, sympathy, patience, love, etc. In this way, if by chance students learn anything, they will be like machines. They will react and act like machines. So, saving the careers of students is necessary, by unlocking institutions with proper consultations.       The fourth and last is future of our Union Territory. If the present trend continues, a time will come we must have ill educated students. Our Union Territory needs problem solving brains. They have to represent us at many forums. Any leniency at the present has long time bad effects in the future. The present calmness will give rise to ferocious waves of ignorance.      So, the need of the hour is to help the government in opening up the academic institutions. And  opening up of parks and hotels  should not be meant like educational institutions. If parks are open, it is their fault. Responsible citizens care for others as well as for themselves. Don’t act like fools. There is no hurry in opening up the institutions, if the situation doesn’t  allow, but at least, we can try to open them. Let us act responsibly.