Niharica Raizada – celebrity that epitomizes intellectual sheen

Niharica Raizada – celebrity that epitomizes intellectual sheen
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Few personalities have Intellectual Charisma and sheen of polished knowledge and combination of celebrity Stardom  Niharica Raizada epitomizes that fact .

Wonderful Celebrity , Dynamic Doctor , Serious thinker , Awesome human are her amazing traits .
As Niharica Raizada has herself stated that Being an actor is her  personal choice as she wanted to be a performer since childhood, something which her parents and peers never really approved of. She wanted to be an actor for herself; being on stage is her first love. At the same time, being a cardiology scientist is something she is very good at. Because she has immense amount of academic knowledge, there have been times she has  told herself to focus on her medical profession and stop being a performer. As, she feels that she has a certain duty to undertake. The duty to take care of the peoples health, hence she has  always tried to focus on that career as well. Niharica Raizada is a wonderful human being, thinker the quality which very few celebrities possess. Her down to earth attitude makes her the celebrity of masses.Rare humans coin their name both in research, medicine and entertainment Niharica Raizada is that rarity .She is the first ever Indian-Luxembourgish who has been crowned Miss India in the United Kingdom and first runner-up Miss India Worldwide. She is very attached to her two origins. Luxembourg gave her language skills. She can  speak six languages fluently — German, French, Spanish, Luxembourgish, English and Hindi. India completely changed her  perspective. She has stated that before visiting India she was constantly buzzing with energy, pure dynamite. India calmed her down .
Niharica Raizada carries a very rich legacy. She is the  grand-daughter of the late legendary composer OP Nayyar. She has aptly shined and shown her acting poweress in movies like Masaan, Total Dhamaal and Sooryavanshi. Her diversity in the acting world is brilliantly characteristic.
Niharica Raizada had also famously remarked that she hopes for freedom from fear and societal norms that restrict her thoughts.
Niharica is also known for writing things philosophically. She recently wrote on Facebook : ”  You’ve got 20 % of the world in your eyes. She is a woman of global repute not confined to a few geographical borders . She was ranked 45 in the list of Times 50 Most Desirable Women of 2013, and rose to 44 in 2015.
In a Nutshell, Niharica Raizada is a celebrity with lot of intellectual and civilizational depth.