Nigeria To ME


Lois Tarikabor

It’s the 1st of October and I’ll tell you straight up that my feelings are not right. I searched within me the whole day looking for the progress to celebrate in my country. I thought to myself that slow progress is still progress but then again I questioned, progressing and “de-progressing” if there’s a word like that, can that be any progress at all.

I’m done fully criticizing the “leaders” of our nation, their corruption and their greed all carefully fine-tuned underneath their manifestos.


Nigeria is the president who thinks the country his serving lacks the equipments he needs to save his health and spends much more when he spends our 3rd world currency in a 1st world country.

Nigeria is the young boy hawking on the streets with no education, Nigeria is the road side Akara seller that has to give her husband whatever stipend she makes at the end of the day. Nigeria is the yahoo boy who gives himself the excuse that he had no choice and the Lagos girl who sleeps under the bridge at night and is a happening girl during the day.


Nigeria is the razz bus-conductor that strives to make a living, Nigeria is the young girl whose mother sends to the street to beg for money hoping she doesn’t suffer any harm. Nigeria is the people living in the slumps and water fronts that become the Niger delta militants. Nigeria is the aba boy that the government has refused to empower to help in reviving our economy.


Nigeria is the Igbo mother that refuses to let her daughter marry her Yoruba lover and vice-versa, the Hausa man that believes leadership is meant for his people because they got a “leadership trophy” from the colonial masters on the platform of being the easiest tribe to penetrate.


Nigeria is you and Nigeria is me. Before our government officials occupied political positions, they were in the cycle of common civilians. I refuse to use the word “leaders” because Nigeria politics has indeed thought me that leadership is different from occupying a political post.


What are you doing to better the life of your fellow Nigerian? Aren’t you tired of the daily criticisms? Or the never ending uprising matters?



Happy independence to the Nigerians fighting to survive, to the Nigerians still in inward mental slavery of colonial domination, to the Nigerians who have fallen victim of the canker-worm called corruption and to the praying Nigerians who still believe and hope in a better Nigeria someday.

(The writer  is student of International Law and diplomacy can be contacted at She is a lifestyle blogger based in Nigeria .)

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