Negative Politics over Concert

It is sad part that communal politics is taking centerstage in our part of the world.Following threats by Shiv Sena, the world renowned singer from Pakistan Ghulam Ali concert, scheduled to be held in Mumbai on October 9, has been cancelled.


The Sena, earlier  had clearly  threatened to stage a protest during the performance of the leading Pakistan singer at Shanmughananda Hall, holding it will oppose cultural and sporting relations with the neighbouring country so long as it refused to curb terrorism.


In a letter to the management of the Shamughananda Hall, Shiv Sena’s film wing “Chitrapat Sena” said if it went ahead with the programme featuring the artist from Pakistan they would have to face the “anger of Shiv Sena and the patriotic people.”“Through this letter, we want to convey to you that if you invite Pakistan artist to the show you will have to face the Shiv Sena’s wrath… Which is why we ask you to prohibit the Pakistan artist from coming to the programme, or else you will have to face the anger of Shiv Sena’s and the patriotic people of the country,” Chitrapat Sena Vibhag Pramukh Mangesh Satamkar said in his letter.

He had further added that  it has been a long standing and of Shiv Sena that until the neighbouring country stopped terrorism activities there should be no cultural, sporting and political relations with Pakistan.

Pertinently, playing negative politics over music and sports has marred the overall environ of peace process in our already fragile region. Shiv Sena warning will add more negativity to already pessimistic outlook between India and Pakistan existing with reference to  strained relations.