The Modi x-factor !!!

The Modi X-factor!!!
Owais Ahmad Shah

The recent hot off the press news about the landslide victory of BJP has taken the centre stage.What goes into this resounding victory is the fortie and knack of a terrific figure called Narendra Modi.A man of can-do and obdurate character.His charisma has worked astoundingly well for BJP to have the people in the palm of his hand.
Media has termed his victory as Tsunamo-2.0.This is not only the victory for BJP but also a strong message that has been sent across.As the pollsters had predicted for Modi thumping victory,analysts in numbers believed this theory to be wrong but the tables were turned to BJP’s side when the whole country celebrated democracy in its new avatar.
It would be fair to say that Modis enviable sureness of touch opened doors for BJPs stunning success.
Having cultivated a strong image,Modis precision and profundity has added more polish to the BJP. Till yesterday,it may have been a party that had been voted to power for a certain time but today it’s invincibility rises above Congress.It has not only supplanted the grand idea of Congress but has put down its roots too deep and has set a new challenge for tomorrow.
Multitude of people vehemently posit the argument that Modi may have failed in past for delivering all his promises that he made with the people but now the future augurs well.People have twice pinned their faith in him for changing the existing narrative of politics.
It’s stark evident that BJP has covered whole India on the platter except Tamil Nadu,Kerela where it still seems to be in its infancy but the larger part of India which determine the national politics is completely mawed in by it.
The theory of shrugging off the BJP image and sprouting up the leaves of Congress is considerably proven to be wrong and the likely demise of Congress is evident.No one would have expected before one or two months that BJP will emerge as a powerhouse but it has not only emerged but has also maintained a stronghold in Indian politics.
Congress has miserably failed and can be seen as those kids who bunk off their classes for not having done their homework.