Kashmir Needs Vision of Humanity

Kashmir  Needs Vision of Humanity By Syed Irfan Hashmi 
You can never forget a person who came to you with a torch in the dark. Humanity is the highest form of morality, Ethics and religion. Who never discriminates, divides, hurts and always teaches to be united, integrated, to spread love, brotherhood and non-violence is valued before God . But in this age  Everybody speaks humanity but no one is practising in real life. No  religion teaches hatred, prejudices, innocent killing, exploitation or to oppose humanity. 
But Alas! In today’s day and age  humanity is easily murdered and have no value, and  human Rights organisation are not  bothered. No  religion allows or teaches to support inhuman activities. Then why ? all the people remain silent, Why they  support inhuman activities. When will  people  understand the social and moral obligations. When their soul will strike them to accept the cruel Reality and support truth to save humanity.
Enough is enough wake up people don’t wait, don’t be slave, don’t tolerate the injustice. This is the better time to speak before it is too late. We want peace, prosperity and a life with respect & dignity. 
Being a Kashmari social activist / writer I have seen since from my childhood Kashmir is the most conflict / ignored zone of all the Times. The circumstances and present situation is witness of it. All Kashmiri people are suffering in all ways from decades. Civilian killings, stone pelting, Hartal, anti-national agenda became  trend. Wrong perception has been created among the people of Jammu and Kashmir and has been used for political mileage and other agendas.

Since 1946 People are being exploited by the Congress govt in central and NC, PDP in the state. Every time a common Kashmiri people, especially  poor and middle class families suffered. The people of Jammu kashmir has dual policies as like their politicians. Who has sold the blood of common masses of Jammu Kashmir. 
Kashmir have deliberately being made hell by the main stream politicians, separatist Leaders and bureaucrats together for their personal benefits. No one leadership has seriously thought about Jammu Kashmir people. They have never framed any people centric policies, National interests or to boost the Jammu Kashmir as model or  as an International Business hub. 

The biggest mistake of people of Jammu kashmir during elections is to vote without knowing leaders potential / worth / moral character  and they simply  sell his/her vote. The mistake of people is to be silent when need is to speak about the injustice. Why people support propaganda’s, hell Agendas, Radicalisation, injustice, bloodshed , rape, extortion, harassment, violence against innocent people and remain silent. Everyone is responsible for this bloodshed -the person who is doing and the person who is enjoying or taking for granted. Where is the life ethics, morality and religious teachings. Speak up the truth and don’t bother about the consequences. Support truth, humanity as greatest religion in the world. My Kashmir was Paradise on Earth! 

But Alas! It is called the hell now. Everyday  humanity is murdered by means of terrorism, human rights violations, injustice, radicalisation, Extremism, Civilian Killings, Rapes, etc. Where is the development,  Lakhs of  Educated youths are unemployed. Agriculture and other resources at zero level progress , Education which has never been considered as integral part, in three decades scores of youth died , many youth are in Jail, thousands of orphan and widows fighting for survival  Why? Does humanity exist! 
No humanity doesn’t exist, When Religious becomes business and politics as Leaders property, how can humanity survive. The main stream  Politicians and others so called separatist leaders are responsible for this bloodshed and distraction in Kashmir.
It is high time to wake up and elect A strong  Leadership based on ethics, morality, people centric Leadership and need to come forward with slogans of Peace and prosperity. Whose agenda  can be to save the humanity, to respect nature and national security. Help people on humanitarian grounds not for any personal interests. 
Even today administration needs to improve policies and implementations on ground levels. People basic needs, education, healthcare should be always priority. The lack of proper coordination between the departments leads to government failure. 
The day when person will understand the natures Law, respects and follows the humanity Peace will prevail, the prosperity will prevail, when all the people can obey, respect the humanity not any religion or thought. 
Humanity as the greatest religion in the world. 
The writer Syed Irfan Hashmi hails from Watergam, Kreeri  Baramulla, North Kashmir.  He is young mainstream youth leader .