Jammu and Kashmir leading performance in improving healthcare

Jammu and Kashmir leading performance in improving healthcare 

As the Pandemic Coronavirus has been wrecking havoc across globe since more than two years now the humankind has learnt the hard lesson that healthcare is first priority.Jammu and Kashmir as a region has faced many bottlenecks in healthcare system and development.In a bright development now it is learnt that Jammu & Kashmir has emerged as the leading performer in terms of incremental performance as per data released by NITI Aayog in the fourth Health Index report.
In this regard it is known  that among Union Territories, Delhi followed by Jammu & Kashmir, has shown the best incremental performance. In incremental performance, J&K is ranked at number second position with a score of 9.55. In J&K, most of the indicators are in the improved/most improved/fully achieved category so far as the Incremental Performance from the Base Year (2018-19) to Reference Year (2019-20) is concerned.

The Health & Medical Education Department while giving information about the development said that a robust and acceptable mechanism is used for measuring performance by NITI Aayog. Data is collected online through a portal maintained by NITI on agreed indicators. The data is then validated through an independent validation agency selected through a transparent bidding process. The importance of this annual tool is reemphasized by MoHFW’s decision to link the index to incentives under National Health Mission. This has been instrumental in shifting the focus from budget spending and inputs to outputs and outcomes.

According to the report, the health index comprises three domains –health outcomes, governance and information, and key inputs and processes. In terms of overall health performance, the UT of J&K has moved one position up and is categorized as an aspirant and has substantial scope for improvement, the statement added.One hopes that entire region of Jammu and Kashmir continues to make all the required progress in the field of healthcare development.

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