Inflation Hurting Kashmir, Cover 26 April ,2021 Issue

Inflation  Hurting Kashmir 

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Inflation or price rise amid the ragging Pandemic of Coronavirus is hitting quite badly the interests of the masses of Kashmir.

The rising inflation is giving harsh times to  the people in the Valley of Kashmir. The monster of inflation is impacting all important sphere of life in the valley of Kashmir. Pertinently, Inflation means paying more for goods than what you were paying earlier. Off late, not only indispensable goods have seen a price hike, non-essential items have also seen this hike.Fruits and vegetables continue to be sold at very abnormal high prices as the government notified rate list is not being followed by shopkeepers and vendors selling perishables in Kashmir markets.Price rise complaints are surfacing at the juncture when when the FCSCA department claims to have sealed over a dozen shops for overpricing of the items during the recent times .On the other hand of the spectrum ,The black marketing done by few vested interests during the long closures of the national highway causes immense hardships to the consumers . The need of the hour is to undertake more market Checks so as to keep a eagle eye on black marketing .Vegetables and non vegetarian food items is witness to much drastic price rise during these highway closures . Eggs as a commodity also see much abnormal price rise during the road blockade .Currently even the price of chicken basic eatable item in Kashmir are hovering in high range of between Rs140 to 170 Per kilogram .More market checking squads on price rise is the way ahead to tackle the rising inflation in the Kashmir valley.It is important to mention that The Centre on Monday asked state governments to adopt zero tolerance against hoarding of essential supplies like food and drugs during the lockdowns and curfews imposed in some states to contain the spread of COVID-19.Local political pulse is also speaking against the price rise .Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Youth Wing Thursday said that the soaring prices of daily essentials including edible oils and vegetables had added to the woes of the people amid COVID-19 outbreak.
A statement of PDP Youth Wing issued here quoted the PDP Youth State Secretary Arif Laigaroo as saying that due to an increase in the price of the essential commodities people were in a dilemma over what to buy and what not to buy.One hopes rising inflation especially of the essential items in Kashmir is checked immediately to give much needed relief to the masses .