I see Aam Aadmi Party as positive political party : Jibran Dar 

I see Aam Aadmi Party as positive political party : Jibran Dar 

Jibran Dar is an emerging political personality of Kashmir.  He has been an entrepreneur of par excellence. He is  Youth president central Kashmir Aam Aadmi Party and among the most prominent political faces of Aam Aadmi Party in Chanpora constituency. 

In an exclusive interview with the News Kashmir,  Jibran Dar  talks to Farzana Mumtaz and Rameez Makhdoomi.

What motivated you to join the seemingly tough world of politics ?

My decision of joining politics was not just dictated by my brain, but my heart and soul. Seeing the multiple problems people of Kashmir face prompted me to join  politics . In a place like Kashmir when you want to join all important tool of politics to change the face of society towards betterment and you get a big no from family,  society and friends. I can’t understand if we go to same Minister’s or MLAS after their election for addressing our problems why we hesitate to participate in process of electing them. This hypocrisy has cost us much and needs to be changed. Politics is the biggest institution to change a place positively and when the good minded people enter it they can act as anti-virus like to heal the system from viruses.

Why you joined Aam Aadmi Party?

I could have easily joined a regional party , but unfortunately here in Kashmir all the regional parties are dynastic and corrupt in nature. From time to time they have sold our interests.  I see Aam Aadmi Party as a positive political Startup wherein talented,  honest, those with Calibre can grow and serve the people. I consider it a very dynamic and impressive political platform. 

Would you participate in any upcoming elections?

First of all they should conduct elections in   whatever form as they are needed. Be they Municipal or Assembly elections we will participate.  We have worked a lot and enjoy the support of people. The new generation leaders working on ground zero in Kashmir would get lot of support from Kashmir.

What difference you see in earlier politics and politics of nowadays?

In the earlier times, the politics was strange to masses.  The people hardly knew their candidates or those who won the elections.  Even in year 2014 elections the internet use in Kashmir was limited. The political people and vested interests had kept often restrictions on internet use. The realities in the year 2022 are totally changed,  today the internet pentration  is deep in Kashmir. People are aware about many things due to internet. Internet is going to play positive and critical role in Kashmir elections. Today people know who is doing what in Kashmir. 

How do you feel on many issues faced by Srinagar people ?

The people of Kashmir face multiple problems.  There are only two things in Kashmir,  one is the rain and snow, the other is millions of issues faced by people. I don’t want to touch some issues because my coming seven generations won’t be able to solve it. My focus would be to solve water, electricity , sanitation, roads , ration issues of masses especially the people of Srinagar.

The dynasty ridden politicians of Jammu and Kashmir have just filled their personal coffers and looted the people. They have occupied properties at prime places ,leaving nothing for people .

Do you agree with sentiment in Srinagar that the city has been left much backward as opposed to other districts?

I agree with this. The entire Srinagar city has been left out of development. The absence of basic facilties has crippled life of masses. Look at Nowgam ,an area near to Srinagar city neither Municipality nor rural divisions are owning the area, leaving it in lurch .

Did you ever thought like Shah Faesal to form your own  party ?

I never thought to form my party after the horrible experience from the party formation of Shah Faesal. He could not deliver and neither carry foward his vision. This really hurt the sentiment of people.  So for me there was no better option than joining the Aam Aadmi Party which has already proven its mettle in number of areas .

Is Arvind Kejriwal Personality acceptable to people of Kashmir?

You Have to bear in mind that a honest human being is appreciated irrespective of his creed, colour, caste, religion, ethnicity. He has proven his dynamism and intellect through credible performances.