Hopeless Youth: Waiting for Allah

News Kashmir Exclusive


Youth is the season of hope and optimism  but   in Kashmir over the past three decades of never ending bloodshed , violence and unresolved issues Youth have bore the worst brunt of  all the bleak situations. Killings, protests, agitations , curfews, blinding, uncertainties, strikes have made youth of Kashmir to be always feel at  receiving end.

Everyday young educated minds getting killed in gunbattles and encounters is causing much worry to voices of sanity in Kashmir.

Democracy is the pulse  for our political system and Youth are its integral dimension . The  gross human rights violations faced by the youth of Kashmir coupled with absence of concrete political space in Kashmir is stated by many experts to be among the prominent reasons of youth being pushed to wall as youth neither find any respectable jobs nor any good  space in mainstream nor separatist polity.

Youth of Kashmir continue to remain disgruntled and get thus easily motivated by the violent path and have worryingly enough developed love towards death and hate towards life.

Young people are not given opportunities to prove themselves claiming that they are not equipped with experience to participate actively in the governance of the state.

Dynasty politics and its upper hand in mainstream polity of the state is a matter of great concern and a contributing factor in pushing youth to wall, according to ground zero voices.

Lateef ahmed , a youthful voice states “ We are aware about the importance of the young people in nation building  but we are losing our youth to never ending bloodshed and mayhem. Lack of political space is making matters worse for our youth. No doubt political parties in the mainstream and separatist polity need to show more generous approach while inducting youth into the polity and party fold but on the other hand youth too need to come forward and be patient while choosing politics as it demands lot of strength of mind. We also as society elders need to teach the youth of the Kashmir value of life .”

On the otherhand of the spectrum, steadily ban on student politics should be lifted in the state.

Many great minds are product of the student politics and have learnt lot through t and experts are of  firm belief that time has come to lift ban on the student politics in our part of the world. With time we should lift ban at student politics in top universities and regulate it in an effective way so that youth anger gets less. Jobs too need to be provided to youth at good pace to kill their alienation and also given more freedom from fear.