Everything comes to an end

Opinion 28 December, 2020 Issue

“Everything comes to an end”

By Suhaib Ashraf Bhat.
“Every container pours out what is in it. If your heart is good, it will only pour out khair- goodness”.Allah swt created the creation to worship Him, worship gathers together within its scope knowledge of Him, turning to Him in penitence, loving Him, and being sincere to Him. Through performing his dial. do hearts find tranquillity and through seeing Him in the Hereafter will the eyes feel bliss. There is nothing that will be more beloved to the servants than seeing Him on that Day and there is nothing that is granted them in this life greater than faith. Mans need of Him in worshipping Him is greater than his need of Him in His creating, nourishing and sustaining him, because worship is his object and source of fulfilment. There is no correction, no success, no felicity, no delight without worship and whoever turns away from the dhikr of his Lord,”His life will be a dark and narrow one and on the Day of Rising We will gather him blind” [Ta Ha (20:124)].The Messenger of Allah swt Muhammad Salalahualihwasalam narrated from his Lord that He Said: “I am as my slave expects Me to be.Ahmad bin ‘Umar al-Qurtubi Rahimullah said:“It is said that His Saying “I am as my slave expects Me to be” means if one expects an answer when he supplicates, his repentance to be accepted, something repugnant to be repelled from him, his deeds to be accepted that are performed with their proper conditions…And this is supported by his saying: “Call upon Allah while you are certain that you will be answered.” Likewise, it is incumbent upon the one who repents, seeks Forgiveness, and does good deeds to exert himself in fulfilling his obligations while he is certain that Allah will accept his actions and Forgive his sins, as Allah has promised that He will accept any truthful repentance and righteous deeds. So, whoever performs such a deed and believes and expects that Allah will not accept it and that it will not benefit him, this is despair from the Mercy of Allah, and is from greatest of the major sins. Whoever dies upon this will be delivered to that which he expected.” ‘Al-Mufhim li ma Ushkil min Talkhis Kitab Muslim’ (5/267)Whatever you do, however you do everything will come to an end. So when you do a good deed or action, you should not look at whether the person deserves it or not and hence do the action without expecting anything in return. Allah swt is the most Generous, and He rewards you for your actions. You stood firm with someone in their hard times, You did your best to help them in every way, Don’t forget, this too will end. its not necessary that person will always remember or be thankful for what you did for them. Let it be still and it will gradually become clear. And if this is only for sake of Allah swt then surely you will be rewarded.In the story of the woman who gave the dog water, she showed her care for this animal when it was thirsty, and she did something good not expecting anything in return; this is something that Allah swt loves! She didn’t do it to show off, to be praised or to gain any benefit in this dunya. So, whatever you do, do it for the sake of Allah swt.
Our skin is soft, but our heart is cruel.
Ya Allah, our hearts are aching now. Ya Allah, things are going so hard, Ya Allah it sometimes appear that we are not able to bear it now, Ya Allah have mercy on us, Ya Allah, Pardon us and grant us Forgiveness.Aameen.